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I am an Artist since the 1980s with my first portrait commission in 1984.

I am a local artist from the New York City area who frequents the West Broadway, Prince and Spring Street art scenes in the Soho section above Tribeca where I can sometimes be found dsplaying my art in person.


I was inpired by an Art Show in the Village near Washington Square Park in the 1980s when I was in college where I saw Patrick Nagel, the honorary art director for Playboy Magazine, in one of his shows.

My paintings are inpired and a "continuation" of Partrick Nagel's work that was done wtih stencils and airburshing but my work is entirely pencil based portraits or hand painted blended acrylic portraits.

Patrick Nagel was huge in the late 1980s and 1990s in the Print Shop Scene in your NYC as well as Erte's besides being featured monthly in Playboy Magazine. His coffee table book was also a huge hit in the 1990s.

Nagel's were "considered hip" for the the young aspiring yuppie wall streeter, silicon valley and hollywood type and a "must" for every bachelor pad and fans of fashion super models.

Patrick Nagel also was famous for his portrait of Joan Collins in the TV Series Dynasty where it hung on the wall for the entire series as well as the Bridgette Neilsen portrait from Beverly Hill Cop II - where she is wearing Wayfayers II Sunglasses after changing from her Gucci Sunglasses disquise and long wig.

Many of Nagel's work features Wayfarer Sunglasses on his fashion model subjects.


My Other Internet Media Sites Are:

jon.mick.artist - Instagram

jon_mick_artist - Twitter

jon-mick-tumblr - Tumblr

My Other Website

Please visit the Patrick Nagel Website my inspiration in Art - The former honorary art director for Playboy Magazine and illustrator for lithographic prints.



I have had shows at my college and a show at a restaurant Hoppe's Bar in the 1980s. Hoppe's Bar, in the New York City area, was owned by the famous fast speed softball pitch 4 man exhibition team that was a compitetor to The King and His Court.


I also had a show at Gallery 07002 where the paintings where done that happens to be the building that served as the set for the movie MORTAL THOUGHTS with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in the Bergen Point Section of Bayonne at Cottage Street and Broadway.


For my architectural designs for the New Freedom Tower for a "contribution contest" hosted by CNN.COM in 2001, please visit:


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