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  Artist Nicole (Birmingham) Garcia AKA Living Dead Girl Nicole has been doing art since she was a young batling. When asked to describe herself Nicole will answer you with the quote she is most known for ‘when other little girls wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to be Elvira’.If something is odd or macabre Nicole is drawn to it. She finds beauty in all things dark, spooky and mythical. Aspects of that always come through in her artwork as an extension of herself.

Nicole was the little girl who was using markers to make her Barbie dolls look "different", using crayons to enter coloring contests to win tickets to the circus and wishing she had a little brother only so Jareth the Goblin King would come and take him away.

When given an assignment she always found a way to make her work stand out from the rest. When all the other kids were doing their drawings for their reports on pretty colorful birds, Nicole was doing hers on an owl in mid flight hunting a mouse. She picked up at a young age that artwork was another outlet to express who she was and she continues as an adult to use her art as an outlet and an escape.

Always wanting more then the norm, Nicole has continued to express herself in all aspects of life from her own personal fashion sense to her artwork. Even as an adult Nicole will tell you that she sees herself as a mixture of Elvira meets Jem. "Give me spooky with a side of glamour... that's me!"

Living Dead Girl Nicole was a name that stuck with her thanks to her love for horror and all things that rock. What started as a screen name due to her admiration for Rob Zombie stuck with her when people started to associate her artwork with the name as well. She found it rather fitting as Rob Zombie had always been someone that inspired her as an artist. She could relate to his work and it always reminded her that it’s ok to break out of your shell and to continue doing what you love no matter how dark the genre is. If people wanted to associate her and her artwork in that way then she was honored to be known by it.

Nicole enjoys anything that gets her creative blood flowing. She uses her creativity to work in various mediums and to support the things she is passionate about. Known for her portraits, wearable Dead Girl Decay accessories and undead zombie creations she also enjoys photography, desktop publishing, makeup art and promoting for her husband’s band Axe Man’s Bridge. She is also the creator and captain of the Etsy Massacre Team which she created when there were no other teams on Etsy that catered to the artists inspired by the horror movie industry.

She has teamed up with the band One Eyed Doll who sells some of her work as a part of their band merch line. She was also discovered by Joy Love who has teamed up with her to contribute to her up and coming project (sister company of HorrorHound Ltd.). Nicole also uses her artwork to give back. She has donated her work and volunteered her time to bring a creative spin to good causes through benefits, fundraisers and sales through her Etsy shop. Nicole is a prime example that there are no limits to a creative mind even when it has a touch of creepy.  

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