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Welcome to Stars Portraits guestbook. Feel free to write here any suggestion and comment about the website ! Thanks :)

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petitchuck - 24/02/13 08:42 pm

Je trouve que le site est génial j'y ai rencontré des artistes super tant que pour partager nos portraits que pour des conseils. Je dis bravo Pour des améliorations je n'en vois pas jusqu'ici

lharmonica1 - 17/02/13 11:14 pm

il doit y avoir problème avec le serveur , donc je fais un essai ici , chaque fois qu'on met un commentaire sur les portraits de jpstars , ça nous écrit , erreur de serveur etc etc

cathco - 16/02/13 01:01 am

portraits not changed for ages - problem?

cathco - 27/12/12 12:49 am

Frankie Boyle's portrait is fantastic Frecklish, Bravo :clap: :ok: :clap: :ok: :clap:

Laulau - 22/12/12 10:27 pm

OOOOH! :kiss: Elle est MAGNIFIQUE la Photo choisie pour le Profil de Remi Deval!!!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: Merci pour l'avoir mise! C'est celle que je prefere!!!! *xD

Paladino - 19/11/12 06:39 am

Thanks for the rectification on Victoria's photo (btw., nicely chosen... :*D:). :hi:

cathco - 10/11/12 11:34 pm

where's frecklish??

Paladino - 05/09/12 08:14 am

Correction needed: the photo that's been put in Tennis player Victoria Azarenka profile is actually of Anastasia Myskina. :|

cathco - 24/08/12 11:50 pm

Hope you're entering the Saoirse Ronan portrait competition - you'll win it hands down!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

cathco - 23/08/12 09:45 pm

I've really missed seeing your works of art. Hope you are well!! Looking forward to your touch of genius in your delightful portraits again. :D :clap: :whip: :blowkiss:

cathco - 23/08/12 09:41 pm

The class artist is back - brilliant :grin: :hi: :blowkiss:

mustangsal - 19/08/12 12:47 pm

Congratulations, this is a great website Camille, have you considered adding a messageboard or chat page? I think it would be very popular. x

Frecklish - 18/08/12 08:19 pm

:hi: here am are!! :laugh: :blowkiss: hope you are well :cute:

cathco - 05/07/12 12:34 am

Where's Frecklish? :(

schumachergirl1956 - 04/07/12 01:17 pm

Hello Stephanie, I hope you are well, i have not heard from you lately. i am hoping you will join me in facebook one day, take care and all the :clap: :) :grin: :ok: :kiss: :xp: :blowkiss: :*D: :hug:

Paladino - 31/05/12 11:28 pm

Thanks for updating Juninho's profile. :grin: :hi:

ci-fij - 23/04/12 07:57 am

Excellente idée que la création de ce site. D'abord pour découvrir des talents du portrait. Ensuite pour estimer la hiérarchie des stars préférées.

diane75018 - 03/03/12 04:19 am

Merci pour ce site incroyable, une vraie source d'inspiration et un bel espace de diffusion. Un grand bravo! :thumbup:

gagoo - 16/02/12 09:15 am

site superbe et généreux . beaucoup de partage , d'aide , de soutien les uns aux autres , ouverture sur ce monde imparfait dans lequel on vit , un vrai rayon de soleil :clap: :whip: :*D:

Paladino - 14/01/12 06:57 pm

Footballer Juninho profile needs to be updated; he's currently playing for CR Vasco da Gama, not Olympique Lyonnais anymore. :thumbup: :hi:

dabeechey - 05/01/12 08:32 pm

My husband D A Beechey loved this site and it gave him great pleasure to share his work with others and receive feedback on his paintings. He was very often in awe of other artists work! Sadly Dave passed away on 29th December 2011 after a brave fight against cancer. I hope people will continue to enjoy his portraits. Thank you to all who have taken an interest in his work.

JibiGeo - 04/01/12 10:13 am

I am happy to be a part of stars portraits community :) :cute:

leandre76 - 29/12/11 02:17 am

Coucou tout le monde :) , alors voila j'aimerais me lancer dans la vente de portraits via internet. Auriez-vous des conseils a m'apporter pour m'aider? Je vous suis très reconnaissant :) et au passage passés par ma galerie et dites moi ce que vous en pensaient. J'accepte toutes critiques. Et ce serais aussi avec grand plaisir de me laisser le nom de vos stars préférées afin que je réalise leur portrait en espérant pouvoir vous vendre du rêve :) . Merci a toutes et a tous pour votre aide et votre soutien, et merci d'avoir créé ce site, il est vraiment top :D

Frecklish - 19/12/11 11:35 am

I also found this site by accident - serendipity! So glad I did, amazing artwork and talent all under one roof, it's uber inspiring! :cute: :hi:

Inervisions - 17/12/11 11:36 am

I found this website by mistake. I was searching for something else & came across Star Portraits. Had a quick look around, liked what I saw & joined. I have some of my work on another website with very little views and comments. Here I've had plenty of views and comments in the 2 weeks I've been a member. I like that. On the other site, they wouldn't know a good piece of artwork if it came up and bit them on the ass. :grin: :grin: :grin: :D

cathco - 30/11/11 10:26 pm

I absolutely love this website and spend lots of time looking at all the portraits and totally enjoy and admire the talent on display. I'm curious as to how the artist of the day and artist of the week is selected because it must be so difficult to decide in view of the wealth of talent on offer here. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :ok:

Yuka - 06/11/11 12:19 am

I think evreyone here like this site ;) Because it's so great! :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :hug:

magdalena - 28/10/11 08:48 pm

welcome my friends:)thank u for nice comment so so glad i found this page...i cam share with u all some of my art...i have ,much more flowers horses in general animalsand few other persons not a star im not sure if i can add it all here...take care all

LiMo - 22/10/11 05:40 pm

:clap: :love: It's a really great site with fantastic members. All of you are so talented. (Excuse my English)

Mandyh65 - 17/10/11 11:24 pm

Great site, great community, extremely happy to be a member, thankyou

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