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Welcome to Stars Portraits guestbook. Feel free to write here any suggestion and comment about the website ! Thanks :)

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magdalena - 28/10/11 08:48 pm

welcome my friends:)thank u for nice comment so so glad i found this page...i cam share with u all some of my art...i have ,much more flowers horses in general animalsand few other persons not a star im not sure if i can add it all here...take care all

LiMo - 22/10/11 05:40 pm

:clap: :love: It's a really great site with fantastic members. All of you are so talented. (Excuse my English)

Mandyh65 - 17/10/11 11:24 pm

Great site, great community, extremely happy to be a member, thankyou

sareri - 16/09/11 11:23 am

bonjour je suis vraiment tres heureuse de pouvoir afficher mes modestes dessins sur votre site,,,,, c est magnifique de pouvoir etre connu un peu plus loin, d y etre apprecié,,,,,,,, je tiens a vous remercier tout particulierement car n etant pas un foudre de guerre en informatique , j avais un petit soucis et vous m avez rassuree particulierement vite,,,,,,, je ne dessine pas particulierement des stars mais disons que a la demande je realise,,,,, mes prochains sont vin diesel, seal et amy-winehouse,,,,,, je souhaite beaucoup de succes a votre site , j ai moi meme mis vos coordonnees dans les liens de mon over-blog,,,,,,,, bref que du bonheur que par votre biais on puisse acceder a pleins d artistes , en tout genre et de tous horizons,,,, merci a vous d etres la ,,,,,,,,,,,,sonia = sareri

yostyo - 02/09/11 08:42 am

I'm happy to be here. :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :clap: :clap: :thumbup: :thumbup: :grin: :grin: :cute: :cute:

Rty1963 - 06/08/11 10:24 pm

This site is an absolutely brilliant idea amazing community .. a great way of showing your work .. However there is one thing i'm dubious about the allowing of digital work I have no doubt a lot of digital art on here is genuine.. but there are many ways to cheat digitally I have done so myself in the past .. Just my opinion .. As I said tho great site and I am really happy to be part of this community...

daphnekeskinedes - 23/07/11 06:49 pm

Please can the administrator mention that singer Amy Winehouse is dead? She found dead today.

aartijadli - 22/07/11 07:23 am


goinnovative - 13/07/11 06:53 am

Glad to be a part of this great community:) Some suggestions: 1. Further reducing the smileys to 5 at most. We all need textual comments more;) 2. Increasing favorites:) 3. 1-10 Star rating of portrait, based on members votes.(maybe not feasible;)) 4. The comment format can be bit more compact. Hope the suggestions are worth consideration.Site is awesome anyways. Thanks Udai

RoadKillBarbie - 22/06/11 11:00 pm

Thank you for accepting me as a member and my work. The community here has been very supportive. Amazing folks! :cute: :love:

majka - 05/06/11 06:41 pm

Thank you so much dear STARS PORTRAITS community, that you chose me for artist of the week, i never would have believed that once I will be,it means a lot for me and am really grateful for it. Many thanks for so great side, it is great honour that I could be part of it . :love: :hug: :hug: :hug: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :hi:

Nippy - 02/06/11 12:04 pm

Félicitations pour le nouveau design que je trouve magnifique. Le site est très agréable, très fluide. Un grand bravo pour le fantastique travail réalisé. 100 000 portraits, impressionnant… !

JumpingJack - 26/05/11 06:20 pm

What about a watermark on pictures? In the old page nobody could download drawings, right botton of mouse didn't work, but now it does. I might be an option when submitting drawings.

daphnekeskinedes - 18/05/11 07:40 pm

Many thanks to the administrator who created the profiles of Patrick Wilson and Mario Frangoulis... =D.. Also thanks for the cool profile photo of the actor G.Butler that you have added....=))... :clap: :*D: :kiss: :blowkiss:

postman - 16/05/11 08:10 am

Super site ! merci pour la visibilité que vous nous donnez que d artistes au m² ici :clap:

TrevorReznik - 13/05/11 04:17 pm

thank u so much for this amazing site where anybody can show his talent in drawing!!!thanx!!!

daphnekeskinedes - 12/05/11 09:16 pm

Please , can the administrator create the profile of the world famous Greek tenor MARIO FRANGOULIS....?????.. :cute: *xD :whip:

ci-fij - 30/04/11 08:22 am

Très intéressant de pouvoir disposer d'une telle "banque" de portraits. On découvre, on compare, on admire, on apprend..... Bravo

nonodauren - 10/04/11 10:59 am

Je trouve le site génial mais cependant je ne suis pas tout à fait satisfait par ce que trois de mes derniers portraits n'ont pas été diffuser sur les derniers portraits en page de diffusion , ils ont été approuvés mais n'ont pas été mis dans la colonne des derniers portraits et puis autre chose j'ai beau diminuer ma photo pour mon avatar et ça ne passe toujours pas que dois je faire ?, sans cela je suis content du site car cela me permet de diffuser mes dessins et en plus je me suis fait de nouveau amis ( es ) et j'ai appris de nouvelles techniques . Pouvez vous rediffuser mes trois derniers portraits pour que tout le mondes puisse donner un commentaire Dany Boon , Lara Faian et Ray Charles merci à vous .

Mina - 05/04/11 07:12 pm

I think the website is wonderful there isn't anything,that i would like to change yet,or i can't think of anything

OneRock - 27/03/11 09:47 pm

its a very good webstie....but i have a problem, i tried puting my drawings in my gallrey but its only for copla hours and its gone why ????

Mike1970 - 19/03/11 07:27 pm

thanks for the possibility to find friends with the same hobby

Silveta - 17/03/11 03:36 pm

Esta hermoso el sitio, muy bueno

jeepeeaero - 15/03/11 10:37 pm

it would be better if people cannot copie the artworks from this site. or that you authomatically would put a watermark. like deviantart has. the site is more quick now. before it was often slow.

5H1RR3L79 - 13/03/11 06:09 pm

I have tried to submit a portrait twice now but it is no longer in my gallery! Why is this???

n_2105 - 11/03/11 09:09 pm

hi ! I only disagree with the limit of 100 artists to like... they are too may talented poeple round here ... it says i have reached the limit of 100 when I try to give LIKE on someone's page... can that be changed? thank you, Natasha (N_2105)

Quixote - 09/03/11 06:20 am

All text I have are wingdins

daphnekeskinedes - 08/03/11 09:48 pm

Dear mr)mrs Ithink that you 've forgot to include the actor Patrick Wilson to your list... Yours Sincerelly Daphne Keskenedes

ILDIVOLOVER - 07/03/11 09:44 pm

HI THERE!! :-) I'm sorry to say, I don't like the new look much!! :- I think it's uneasy on the eyes and seem "confusing and messy" (esp. with the colorful adds, which also's new and aren't exactly "nice to lok at" so to speak! ;-) Also I think it looked better and more "sophisticated with black background than boring ol' white. Sorry - but you asked!! ;-P Regards Margrethe Jensen

peggy - 05/03/11 03:23 pm

Bon bin pour ma part, l'ancien look était chouette et le nouveau super!!!!! Je trouve ce site génial tout simplement! Merci Camille :whip: :blowkiss:

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