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Leonardo DiCaprio by vipinks


Added on January 24, 2011, 01:42 pm
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Bea - 11 years ago


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klk68 - 11 years ago


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brainfree - 11 years ago

Very good, a little ink .when transporting drawings or painting it can be difficult if possible use a tube place the drawing inside the tube a kitchen towel cardboard tube is Ok but three toilet roll joined together with tape works as well it will stop the creases showing on your work. Another tip is to use the whole sheet of paper to do work bigger it has many advantages it's easier to get likeness and depth. Also drawing parts of a famous face can be a good practice thing it will improve likeness. A good pencil for drawing and later painting is a sketching pencil these pencils are water soluble they are very dark and give excellent tone, after using them dry you could wet the parts and get different effects. Drawing is about learning skills, I teach but also I am still collecting new skills. Please continue drawing it is a great past times or job. I have painted and drawn for 53 years since I was a 11 year old boy. I practice every day. Have FUN, Fun, fun. brainfree :clap::clap::grin::8)

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vipinks - 11 years ago

thnku ...

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brainfree - 11 years ago



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