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Bruce Lee

by Raoul.G

Bruce Lee by Raoul.G


Added on June 19, 2019, 08:09 pm
Mixed media

  presque parfait, mais je sais d'où viens le problème :D
encre de chine et pastels sec  

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nev777 - 2 weeks ago

:clap: really good likeness and the added size gives the feeling of the power and strength of one... :clap:

1 23648
Raoul.G - 2 weeks ago

thank's :hug: I should still make the head a little bigger for a realistic portrait, but it is probably possible to catch it up with a digital software 8-) :grin:

2 17407
nev777 - 6 days ago

Well I think it just gives the feeling of depth. and a little 3d"ish"... And I wouldn't tell him he had a small head could be nasty... :D.. Most different in perspective.... :thumbup:

3 23648
Raoul.G - 6 days ago

:D right :D that's what i try to, by using different materials, ink in the background and pastels in the first ground, to increase the effect, but maybe it's like cheating 8-)

4 17407
nev777 - 5 days ago

Ok I can see how that has created depth, no. never cheating ..just done differently and love that you have used different mediums to create the over all effect on the finished portrait ,anyways looking forward to your next drawing and great to have interaction in your thoughts.. :thumbup: Nev...…………………….. ;)

5 23648
Raoul.G - 4 days ago

:whip: :whip: :thumbup:


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