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Added on January 5, 2009, 08:35 am

  James Hetfield...I think I'm going to avoid people with beards in future!  

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Deleted profile
Deleted profile - 12 years ago

Real nice and you really catched his looks. Good job, good expression. Why in red? Is the contrast in this work so low or is it a photograph quality? The portrait is really great!! Rock on..!! :8) :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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vidaddict - 12 years ago

Thanks Mariette...much appreciated! I chose red for this one just to try something different really. Not sure I will do it again 'cos - as you say - the contrasts don't really show up so well. It doesn't help that the file size is so limited doesn't look so bad when it's bigger!

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chantal084 - 12 years ago

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :cute:

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vidaddict - 12 years ago

Merci Chantal. :blowkiss:


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