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Miley Cyrus by nickjonas_yea


(United States)
Added on May 4, 2009, 03:42 am

  not finished... again  

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Deleted profile
Deleted profile - 13 years ago

oh yes I like this kind of drawing thank a lot my friend ....really you have a good talent ...

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Gerda - 12 years ago

The hair is amazing, but why don't you finish your drawings? And anyway, her head is not as big as this. Please don't be lazy to draw! :hammer: Have a nice day. :cute:

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nickjonas_yea - 12 years ago

Seriously, thnx you for telling me that so i can fix her head. and i can be lazy at times...its a habit i must break..but thnx for telling me Gerda

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Luv-Drawing-90 - 12 years ago

nice drawing :) :blowkiss: :hug:

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frankleveque - 12 years ago

miley cyrus is not fat . but you did a great job


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