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  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Madonna
  3. Marilyn Monroe
  4. Johnny Depp
  5. The Beatles
  6. Santa Claus
  7. Barack Obama
  8. Jesus Christ
  9. Al Pacino
  10. Angelina Jolie
  11. Beyonce
  12. Brad Pitt
  13. Britney Spears
  14. Bruce Willis
  15. Julia Roberts
  16. Leonardo DiCaprio
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  19. Mariah Carey
  20. Tom Cruise
  21. Scarlett Johansson
  22. David Bowie
  23. Elvis Presley
  24. Prince
  25. John Lennon
  26. The Simpsons
  27. Lady Gaga
  28. Jessica Alba
  29. Cameron Diaz
  30. Christina Aguilera
  31. Avril Lavigne
  32. Bob Marley
  33. Brigitte Bardot
  34. Bruce Lee
  35. Céline Dion
  36. Eminem
  37. George Clooney
  38. Janet Jackson
  39. Jennifer Aniston
  40. Jennifer Lopez
  41. Kate Winslet
  42. Kurt Cobain
  43. Liv Tyler
  44. Marilyn Manson
  45. Milla Jovovich
  46. Monica Bellucci
  47. Natalie Portman
  48. Nicole Kidman
  49. Orlando Bloom
  50. Paul McCartney
  51. Penelope Cruz
  52. Robert De Niro
  53. Sharon Stone
  54. Tupac
  55. Zinedine Zidane
  56. Claudia Schiffer
  57. Keanu Reeves
  58. Naomi Campbell
  59. Pink
  60. Shakira
  61. Audrey Hepburn
  62. Kate Moss
  63. Johnny Hallyday
  64. Jim Morrison
  65. Jimi Hendrix
  66. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  67. Charlie Chaplin
  68. Elijah Wood
  69. James Dean
  70. Sean Connery
  71. John Travolta
  72. Emma Watson
  73. Keira Knightley
  74. Daniel Radcliffe
  75. Albert Einstein
  76. Rihanna
  77. Jack Nicholson
  78. U2
  79. Ville Valo
  80. Queen
  81. William Shakespeare
  82. John Paul II
  83. Elizabeth II
  84. Leonardo da Vinci
  85. Steve Jobs
  86. Justin Bieber
  87. Aaliyah
  88. Aretha Franklin
  89. Audrey Tautou
  90. Ben Affleck
  91. Björk
  92. Courtney Cox-Arquette
  93. Alanis Morissette
  94. Alicia Keys
  95. Claire Danes
  96. Demi Moore
  97. Drew Barrymore
  98. Eva Longoria
  99. John Malkovich
  100. Kevin Spacey
  101. Laetitia Casta
  102. Lenny Kravitz
  103. Mylène Farmer
  104. Pamela Anderson
  105. Robbie Williams
  106. Sarah Michelle Gellar
  107. Sophia Loren
  108. Uma Thurman
  109. Winona Ryder
  110. Cindy Crawford
  111. Gwyneth Paltrow
  112. Halle Berry
  113. Jennifer Garner
  114. Ricky Martin
  115. Catherine Zeta-Jones
  116. Brooke Shields
  117. Diana Ross
  118. Alicia Silverstone
  119. Marion Cotillard
  120. Shannen Doherty
  121. Antonio Banderas
  122. Edward Norton
  123. Harrison Ford
  124. Robert Redford
  125. Jim Carrey
  126. Liam Gallagher
  127. Russell Crowe
  128. Elizabeth Taylor
  129. Louis Armstrong
  130. Frank Sinatra
  131. Claude François
  132. Enrique Iglesias
  133. Justin Timberlake
  134. Serge Gainsbourg
  135. Lauryn Hill
  136. Norah Jones
  137. Eric Clapton
  138. Kevin Costner
  139. Hayden Christensen
  140. Hilary Duff
  141. Martin Luther King
  142. Mischa Barton
  143. Colin Farrell
  144. Brandon Lee


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  1. Laurent
  2. rachel
  3. portrait
  4. sebrieu
  5. jmauroux
  6. draweraf
  7. Aurelia-ACC
  8. akarserkan
  9. darkangel
  10. b1evrc13
  11. crazed-scifi-fan
  12. Paradisianne
  13. emalterre
  14. Trinity666
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  15. Mel_Miller
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  16. variations
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  19. CursedLikeYou
  20. florindamaria
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  23. Armande
  24. kriss
  25. rifty
  26. Brandy
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  28. RobertCarter
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  32. kerry555
  33. Marianne
  34. disturbed-angel
  35. Kalasinar
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  36. Spikes-of-Fury
  37. Tifaerith
  38. TheTrueSam
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  48. BoulevardOfTheStars
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  56. Kashmir
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40 results

  1. FAQ - What is the goal of this website ?
    This website is a gallery which exhibits thousands of celebrities portraits, created by professional and...
  2. FAQ - How does this website work, is it totally free ?
    Yes, this site is 100% free and it will always keep being free. Visitors can view all the portraits for free,...
  3. FAQ - How can I perform a search ?
    Please enter your keywords in the box available at the top of every page, and click 'OK'.
  4. FAQ - How does the "I like" button system works ?
    This system is reserved to the members of the site. By clicking on the "I like" button on any member page, you...
  5. FAQ - The information about my favorite celebrity are empty or erroneous, what can I...
    Please contact us and specify the name of the celebrity and the information to be corrected, and we will...
  6. FAQ - Who are the artists who submit the portraits ?
    They are amateur and professionnal artists from all over the world. They decided to join and exhibit their...
  7. FAQ - Can I buy any portrait ? How can I contact a member ?
    You can't sell or buy any portrait directly on this website. However, you can contact any artist if you’re...
  8. FAQ - What is the status of this website and when has it been created ?
    The development of this website started in 2005. It has been online since April 23, 2006, and was created by...
  9. FAQ - Can you ban a member ?
    Yes, we can ban a member if he doesn't respect the StarsPortraits policy, for example if he posts any...
  10. FAQ - What about the copyright ?
    All the drawings displayed on this website belong to their authors and are protected by the intellectual...
  11. FAQ - I would like to donate to support this website, how can I do ?
    With the increasing cost of keeping this service available, we've made it possible for users to donate to the...
  12. FAQ - How can I contact you ?
    You can use our contact form. We will receive your message directly in our mailbox. Don’t forget to precise...
  13. FAQ - What’s my interest in submitting my portraits here ?
    Fame :) StarsPortraits is THE reference website for celebrities portraits. Your art will be seen by thousands...
  14. FAQ - I want to submit my portraits, how can I become a member ?
    You can use our subscription form. You just have to choose a nickname and password, and your email address....
  15. FAQ - How can I submit the pictures ?
    Once you’re subscribed, you can submit your portraits thanks to the submission form on your member’s area...
  16. FAQ - What kind of portraits do you accept ?
    We accept any kind of portrait if it’s a celebrity portrait, if it's a good quality picture, and if it’s...
  17. FAQ - What is the required format for the submissions ?
    Your pictures must be JPG, PNG or GIF files. They should be less than 2 Mb. If your pictures are too large or...
  18. FAQ - Are the portraits approved by an administrator ?
    Yes, we manually verify every portrait submitted before they’re actually displayed in the gallery. When you...
  19. FAQ - What is the required level to submit portraits ?
    Every level are appreciated and we are very happy to welcome any artist of any age to become a Stars-Portraits...
  20. FAQ - I created a tutorial. How can I add it to the site?
    If you wrote a tutorial or if you shot a making-of video describing the creation of one of your portraits, you...
  21. FAQ - Do I still own the copyrights of my artworks ?
    Of course, a copyright mention is displayed on each portrait page. You are the only owner of your pictures, as...
  22. FAQ - How can I modify or remove a portrait from my gallery ?
    Once you're logged into your member area, you can click on "My gallery" tab. To modify a portrait, click on...
  23. FAQ - How can I modify my profile information ?
    Once you’re logged into your member’s area, from the "My profile" tab you’ll be able to choose a new...
  24. FAQ - What’s the "Statistics" section on my member’s area for ?
    Once you’re logged into your member’s area, you can have a look at the statistics of your gallery thanks...
  25. FAQ - How can I remove my account ?
    If you want to permanently delete your account for any reason, please use this form and we will remove your...
  26. FAQ - How do you pick the portrait of the day or the artist of the week?
    The portrait of the day is carefully choosen by our team, amongst all the best portraits. The artist of the...
  27. FAQ - I would like to display some of the pictures on my blog or webpage. Do I have...
    No, you can't use any of the artworks and images of this website, these pictures are protected by intellectual...
  28. FAQ - I would like to affiliate my website / make a links exchange ?
    We don't do any link exchanges for the moment. However, you can use our banners and buttons to make a link to...
  29. FAQ - I would like to participate voluntarily to the development of this website, what...
    We need volunteers to help us to translate this website into another language than French, English and...
  30. FAQ - How can I contact you for an eventual partnership or anything else ?
    To propose any partnership, please use this contact form or send us an email.
  31. FAQ - I didn’t find the answer to my question here, how can I contact you ?
    Please send us a message with your question, we will try to provide you with an answer as soon as possible.
  32. FAQ - Is there any tutorials or drawing lessons on this website ?
    Yes! Please visit or Tutorials and drawing lessons section. It contains a lot of drawing lessons, drawing and...
  33. FAQ - My website is about a celebrity. Could you add my link ?
    Sure, we have a dedicated space called 'Affiliates' on each celebrity page. There, we display any fansites or...
  34. FAQ - How to advertise on ?
    Most advertising on is handled by Google Adwords. Adwords allows businesses to advertise...
  35. FAQ - One of my portraits has disappeared. Why ?
    We reserve the right to delete any picture for any reason, without notice, particularly in case of offensive...
  36. FAQ - I would like to be notified by email each time I receive a new message. How can...
    Please connect to your member area, and click on "Settings" tab. Then you can tick the boxes under "Email...
  37. FAQ - Is this site available in other languages ?
    Yes, this site is also translated in French and Spanish. To change the language, you can just click on the...
  38. FAQ - I have deleted a portrait to exchange it with a improved one. But everytime the...
    This is a common problem, your new portrait has been correctly uploaded. You are seeing the old one because...
  39. FAQ - How can I change my username ?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your username. The only solution is to request the deletion of...
  40. FAQ - Can I post an unlimited number of portraits in my gallery?
    After a request by several members in the forum, we have changed the upload limit to [nbMaxPortraitsPerDay]...


100 results

  1. Introduction to Linear Perspective
    Tutorials - Introduction to Linear Perspective
    Here is a basic layout that illustrates how lines recede in one point perspective.
  2. The Painting Process
    Tutorials - The Painting Process
    The process of creating a painting varies from medium to medium and from individual to individual....
  3. Colorisation Photoshop du visage
    Tutorials - Colorisation Photoshop du visage
    Un tuto très complet en français pour colorier le visage avec Photoshop. Tablette graphique non...
  4. Watercolor : The simplicity of the Direct Method
    Tutorials - Watercolor : The simplicity of the Direct Method
    The art of watercolor involves a great many techniques. One I follow is called the "direct method"...
  5. Working on Colored Papers
    Tutorials - Working on Colored Papers
    To create a colored pencil drawing on medium-value colored papers.
  6. Portrait Sketching in Charcoal
    Tutorials - Portrait Sketching in Charcoal
    Sketching the human face with charcoal (using brush techniques).
  7. La Perspective
    Tutorials - La Perspective
    Il ne s'agit pas absolument pas ici d'un cours magistral, mais d'une rapide révision des bases, des...
  8. Notions de graphisme
    Tutorials - Notions de graphisme
    Le graphisme, on pourrait dire que c'est la part relative à la ligne, le trait. La ligne peut être...
  9. Réaliser un lavis
    Tutorials - Réaliser un lavis
    Un lavis, dont le nom à la même éthymologie que laver est tout simplement l'utilisation d'une...
  10. Initiation à la peinture à l
    Tutorials - Initiation à la peinture à l'huile
    Vous êtes nombreux à vouloir vous lancer dans cet art, à la richesse incroyable. Les...
  11. Trucs et astuces à l
    Tutorials - Trucs et astuces à l'aquarelle
    Une fiche pratique regroupant de nombreux trucs et astuces : le papier, la couleur, les taches...
  12. Initiation à l
    Tutorials - Initiation à l'argile
    Cet article aborde les différentes notions de base du modelage d'une sculpture en argile. L'argile...
  13. Dessin en extérieur
    Tutorials - Dessin en extérieur
    Radicalement autre chose, découvrez le plaisir du dessin en extérieur. Une petite démonstration...
  14. Effet Pop-art
    Tutorials - Effet Pop-art
    Créer un effet pop-art avec n'importe quelle photo.
  15. Colorisation d
    Tutorials - Colorisation d'un crayonné
    Ce tutorial est un exemple de méthode de colorisation sur un personnage de manga.
  16. Colorisation Photoshop d
    Tutorials - Colorisation Photoshop d'un crayonné
    Colorisation et effets spéciaux d'un crayonné.
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  19. Chevelure avec Photoshop
    Tutorials - Chevelure avec Photoshop
    Méthode pour dessiner une chevelure sous Photoshop.
  20. Dessiner les cheveux
    Tutorials - Dessiner les cheveux
    De très claires explications pour apprendre à dessiner les cheveux au crayon et à la poudre de...
  21. Dessiner les vêtements
    Tutorials - Dessiner les vêtements
    Un point moins général que le portrait qui semble poser quelques problèmes, c'est la...
  22. Watercolor Demo
    Tutorials - Watercolor Demo
    An overview of watercolor techniques in a demo of 'Lion Cub and His Bone' painting from Sue...
  23. Colorisation Photoshop de la peau
    Tutorials - Colorisation Photoshop de la peau
    Un super tuto en français pour colorier la peau avec Photoshop. On part d'un lineart déjà défini...
  24. Colorisation de personnage
    Tutorials - Colorisation de personnage
    Voici une méthode de mise en couleur de dessin scanné venant directement des coloristes de BD....
  25. Paint by Grids
    Tutorials - Paint by Grids
    Basically, the grid method is nothing more than overlaying a grid onto an original image that you...
  26. 3 Dimensional Drawing
    Tutorials - 3 Dimensional Drawing
    To learn the basics of shape, perspective and shading in order to create depth in your work.
  27. Working with gouache
    Tutorials - Working with gouache
    A short gouache demonstration, and useful information such as gouache definition, supplies, palette...
  28. Eye drawing
    Tutorials - Eye drawing
    A very useful lesson about the eye drawing. Includes links to the next steps of the tutorial :...
  29. Portrait proportions
    Tutorials - Portrait proportions
    Here are some basic principles you can follow to improve your drawing. You can use these to check ...
  30. Pencil portrait
    Tutorials - Pencil portrait
    A good tutorial in 10 steps for learning how to create a portrait : basics features, outline,...
  31. Dessiner les yeux avec Photoshop
    Tutorials - Dessiner les yeux avec Photoshop
    Un tuto Photoshop, pour apprendre à dessiner et colorier les yeux avec Photoshop. Nous allons...
  32. Pop Art Inspired by Lichtenstein
    Tutorials - Pop Art Inspired by Lichtenstein
    Turn your photos into Lichtenstein inspired pop art. This photoshop tutorial will also show you how...
  33. Vector Tutorial for PSP
    Tutorials - Vector Tutorial for PSP
    A very nice vector tutorial for Paint Shop Pro.
  34. Line Art
    Tutorials - Line Art
    Want to turn a photo of someone into line art. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create...
  35. Vector tutorial for Freehand
    Tutorials - Vector tutorial for Freehand
    A simple vector tutorial for Freehand. In German and English languages.
  36. Advance Vectoring
    Tutorials - Advance Vectoring
    This tutorial shows you how to go into the more fine details of the vectoring. Very nice tutorial...
  37. When Vector Meets Photo
    Tutorials - When Vector Meets Photo
    Mixing vector and photo is one of the hottest trends in the illustration industry today. Simple...
  38. Vector Photoshop Tutorial
    Tutorials - Vector Photoshop Tutorial
    In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to vector a photograph in Photoshop.
  39. Pet Portrait
    Tutorials - Pet Portrait
    A very good tutorial about how to draw pet portraits with colored pencils. Basic process and tips....
  40. Watercolour tips for beginners
    Tutorials - Watercolour tips for beginners
    Working with watercolour may at first seem strange and difficult, especially if you are use to...
  41. Painting with colored pencils
    Tutorials - Painting with colored pencils
    A very interesting tutorial from Barbara Benedetti Newton, about how to paint with colored pencils....
  42. Pen Tool Tutorial
    Tutorials - Pen Tool Tutorial
    Very good tutorial about basics of the Pen Tool in Photoshop 7.0.
  43. Drawing Hands and Feet
    Tutorials - Drawing Hands and Feet
    Some useful explainations and tips about how to draw hands and feet.
  44. Instruction for Charcoal & Graphite Pencil Artists
    Tutorials - Instruction for Charcoal & Graphite Pencil Artists
    This tutorial contains techniques to create realistic looking artwork. This tutorial will explain...
  45. Paint a bird
    Tutorials - Paint a bird
    Two colour limited palette exercise. Great for beginners. All you will need for this exercise are...
  46. Dessiner des lèvres
    Tutorials - Dessiner des lèvres
    Voici un tutoriel qui explique comment dessiner des lèvres. Vous pouvez baser votre premier dessin...
  47. Human Figure in Charcoal
    Tutorials - Human Figure in Charcoal
    Drawing people and figure art is exciting and challenging in any medium - in this short art lesson...
  48. Dessiner des cheveux avec Photoshop
    Tutorials - Dessiner des cheveux avec Photoshop
    Apprendre à faire les cheveux. Apprendre à faire un effet de mèches et de brillance. Comment bien...
  49. Watercolor Technique
    Tutorials - Watercolor Technique
    This tutorial looks at the various techniques peculiar to watercolor. It shows examples of different...
  50. Adobe Illustrator CS Tutorial
    Tutorials - Adobe Illustrator CS Tutorial
    A very good vector tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS, focusing a lot on the basic things.
  51. Portrait au fusain
    Tutorials - Portrait au fusain
    Ce tutorial détaille toutes les étapes de la réalisation d'un portrait au fusain de Paris Hilton.
  52. Portrait au graphite
    Tutorials - Portrait au graphite
    Ce tutorial détaille toutes les étapes de la réalisation d'un portrait de Zinedine Zidane au...
  53. Dessiner un oeil
    Tutorials - Dessiner un oeil
    Ce tutorial explique comment dessiner un oeil au fusain.
  54. Dessiner la bouche
    Tutorials - Dessiner la bouche
    Ce tutorial explique comment dessiner la bouche au fusain.
  55. Portrait in Watercolour
    Tutorials - Portrait in Watercolour
    A watercolour painting demonstration of a Nelson Mandela Portrait, working from photo reference....
  56. Portraiture lesson
    Tutorials - Portraiture lesson
    To study draw a portrait using the 'inside-out' method.
  57. Jack Black Caricature
    Tutorials - Jack Black Caricature
    This is a step-by-step art tutorial for a Jack Black portrait. It explains how to draw a caricature,...
  58. Painting Chris Martin
    Tutorials - Painting Chris Martin
    This is a step-by-step art tutorial for a Chris Martin portrait. It explains how to draw a portrait...
  59. Adam Sandler caricature
    Tutorials - Adam Sandler caricature
    This is a step-by-step art tutorial for an Adam Sandler caricature. It explains how to draw a...
  60. Jeff Buckley portrait
    Tutorials - Jeff Buckley portrait
    This is a step-by-step art tutorial for a Jeff Buckley painting. It explains how to paint a portrait...
  61. Paul McCartney portrait
    Tutorials - Paul McCartney portrait
    This is a step-by-step art tutorial for a Paul McCartney painting. It explains how to paint a...
  62. Dessiner une rose
    Tutorials - Dessiner une rose
    Un très bon tutorial proposé par Rachel, pour apprendre à dessiner une rose au crayon.
  63. Drawing the eyes
    Tutorials - Drawing the eyes
    A great and very detailed tutorial proposed by Sarah, to learn how to draw an eye in 30 steps.
  64. A Portrait In Coloured Pencils
    Tutorials - A Portrait In Coloured Pencils
    A very interesting tutorial to learn how to draw a portrait using coloured pencils, with many useful...
  65. Circulism tutorial
    Tutorials - Circulism tutorial
    Circulism is a very interesting technique to create skin texture with pencil. With this great...
  66. Eye drawing tutorial by Lianne
    Tutorials - Eye drawing tutorial by Lianne
    With this very interesting tutorial, learn how to draw the beautiful eye of Angelina Jolie in 7...
  67. Hermione Portrait
    Tutorials - Hermione Portrait
    A very good portrait tutorial which explains how to draw Hermione (Emma Watson) in 7 steps, using...
  68. Marilyn Portrait Tutorial
    Tutorials - Marilyn Portrait Tutorial
    A truly fantastic drawing tutorial to learn how to draw a portrait of Marilyn Monroe with pencil....
  69. Digital Art Tutorial
    Tutorials - Digital Art Tutorial
    How to paint digitally ? Here is a great step by step tutorial, explaining how to create a painting...
  70. Portrait au stylo bille
    Tutorials - Portrait au stylo bille
    Allan nous explique toutes les étapes de la création d'un portrait en couleur, entièrement...
  71. Stylo bille couleur
    Tutorials - Stylo bille couleur
    Une vidéo étonnante montrant la création du début à la fin, du dessin d'un oeil au stylo bille,...
  72. Stylo bille noir
    Tutorials - Stylo bille noir
    A l'aide d'un simple stylo bille noir, l'artiste nous montre dans cette superbe vidéo comment il...
  73. La carnation au stylo
    Tutorials - La carnation au stylo
    L'artiste nous explique comment obtenir la carnation de ses portraits, entièrement réalisés au...
  74. Scarlett Johansson au bic
    Tutorials - Scarlett Johansson au bic
    Dans ce remarquable tutorial, Allan va décomposer et expliquer le fruit de son travail. Un portrait...
  75. Dessiner des cheveux
    Tutorials - Dessiner des cheveux
    Un excellent tutoriel dans lequel Aurélia explique comment elle dessine les cheveux sur la base...
  76. Watercolor portrait of Robert Smith
    Tutorials - Watercolor portrait of Robert Smith
    Brainfree explains how he uses watercolor to paint a portrait of Robert Smith in 5 steps.
  77. Watercolor portrait of Jay-Z
    Tutorials - Watercolor portrait of Jay-Z
    Brainfree explains how he uses watercolor to paint a portrait of Jay Z in 5 steps.
  78. Digital Pastel Portrait
    Tutorials - Digital Pastel Portrait
    Digital artist Shahin explains how he paints a digital pastel portrait, using the sotfware Corel...
  79. Pencil portrait from outlines to details
    Tutorials - Pencil portrait from outlines to details
    Pencil artist rvsa17 explains the construction of a Haley Joel Osment portrait in 6 steps, from...
  80. Charlie Chaplin à l
    Tutorials - Charlie Chaplin à l'acrylique
    Voici un pas à pas proposé par l'artiste E.Alimi. Ce tutoriel simple et efficace nous expose les...
  81. Portrait au crayon
    Tutorials - Portrait au crayon
    Dans cet excellent tutoriel, détaillant la création d'un portrait de Michèle Morgan au crayon...
  82. Portrait tutorial
    Tutorials - Portrait tutorial
    Here is an excellent pencil portrait tutorial by Rick (JRFortson). In 11 very detailed steps, Rick...
  83. Hair drawing tutorial
    Tutorials - Hair drawing tutorial
    We highly recommend this great tutorial by Tomáš (Timon). Drawing hair is definitely one of the...
  84. Portrait de femme
    Tutorials - Portrait de femme
    Jacques Dominé nous propose ce pas à pas sous forme de diaporama, présentant les étapes de la...
  85. Tom Waits à l
    Tutorials - Tom Waits à l'acrylique
    Dans cet excellent tutorial en français, l'artiste Pierre Conus nous décrit, étape par étape, sa...
  86. Drawing Clint Eastwood
    Tutorials - Drawing Clint Eastwood
    When it comes to drawing, the best results are from choosing a subject that is interesting. Who...
  87. Drawing Marilyn Monroe
    Tutorials - Drawing Marilyn Monroe
    In this lesson, featuring the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, you'll learn how to chose your art...
  88. Portrait drawing
    Tutorials - Portrait drawing
    Another outstanding tutorial by Tomáš (Timon), about drawing the whole portrait with all its parts...
  89. Portrait crayons de couleur
    Tutorials - Portrait crayons de couleur
    Ce tuto va donc vous montrer comment je m'y prends pour faire un portrait aux crayons de couleur...
  90. Graffiti
    Tutorials - Graffiti
    A making-of video from Kim-Lan, showing the graffiti portrait of Miyavi.
  91. Graffiti video
    Tutorials - Graffiti video
    A making-of video from Kim-Lan, showing the graffiti portrait of Oliver Sykes from Bring Me The...
  92. Portrait aux pastels
    Tutorials - Portrait aux pastels
    Un tutoriel vidéo montrant toutes les étapes de la création d'un portrait de Keanu Reeves aux...
  93. Portrait à l
    Tutorials - Portrait à l'encre
    Atreju nous explique comment faire un portrait à l'encre, c'est à dire à la plume et au pinceau....
  94. How to draw noses
    Tutorials - How to draw noses
    Flat, pointed, snub... noses are varied and differ from each other so much! In spite of the...
  95. How to get the right proportions?
    Tutorials - How to get the right proportions?
    Many beginners face the problem of getting the right proportions when drawing head and faces. Eyes,...
  96. Digital drawing with Corel Painter 11
    Tutorials - Digital drawing with Corel Painter 11
    A tutorial about a portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the best movie ever (in my opinion) :...
  97. Drawing close up of face
    Tutorials - Drawing close up of face
    With step by step pictures, Heather explains how to draw a close up portrait with pencils, including...
  98. Draw hair with colored pencils
    Tutorials - Draw hair with colored pencils
    Vivi will help you draw realistic hair with colored pencils, on this step by step tutorial. Choosing...
  99. Eyes drawing
    Tutorials - Eyes drawing
    With step by step pictures, Heather explains how to draw eyes with colored pencils using cross hatch...
  100. Graffiti portrait
    Tutorials - Graffiti portrait
    A making-of video of Jared Leto with Mohawk Style ~ Graffiti by Kim-Lan.
  101. How to draw wool
    Tutorials - How to draw wool
    In this tutorial, you'll learn how to draw a woolen sweater or wool in general. Includes a video....
  102. L
    Tutorials - L'art de dessiner
    Dirac nous montre dans cette vidéo les différents aspects de la création du portrait d'une petite...


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    December 2012
  8. proposed by franca64120
    October 2012
  9. proposed by Manny
    September 2012
  10. proposed by Joane
    August 2012
  11. proposed by claudie02
    November 2013
  12. Create a portrait of Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly or Kim Novack based on a Hitchcock movie scene
    February 2014
  13. Create a portrait of any actor who portrayed Superman, for example Georges Reeves, Christopher...
    March 2014
  14. Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Eli Wallach, Aldo Giuffrè or other actors from the movie
    April 2014
  15. proposed by JPSTARS
    May 2014
  16. Actors portraying Robin Hood, for example Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner, Jonas Armstrong, Errol...
    June 2014
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  21. Let's pay tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack of January 7, 2015.
    January 2015
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    September 2015
  29. proposed by sbr
    October 2015
  30. proposed by Garance55
    November 2015
  31. Be inspired by the theme of Fairy Tales, for example adaptations from the famous stories of Grimm or...
    December 2015
  32. Emotions (fear, sadness, joy, anger...), with a celebrity of your choice
    February 2016
  33. proposed by armattock
    June 2016
  34. proposed by MarshaElle
    August 2016
  35. Science Fiction characters, with the celebrity of your choice
    March 2016
  36. Inspired by Greek, Roman or Nordic mythological characters?
    April 2016
  37. proposed by Ferrokaro
    July 2016
  38. Be inspired by villains from any movie or TV show
    May 2016
  39. Create a portrait of a celebrity, showing only their eyes
    August 2016
  40. Inspired by Formula One drivers?
    September 2016
  41. Create a portrait of movie stars named John or Mary
    September 2016
  42. Famous rock singers, musicians or bands of all times
    October 2016
  43. Create a portrait of a male model, or any other male celebrity having been a model
    October 2016
  44. A funny face of any celebrity
    November 2016
  45. Inspired by video games characters?
    December 2016
  46. Movie stars from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s
    January 2017
  47. Baseball players of all times
    January 2017
  48. Jingle bells! Create a celebrity portrait on the thematics of Christmas
    December 2016
  49. Stars named Chris
    February 2017
  50. Outer Space: fictional aliens, actors, astronauts, scientists...
    March 2017
  51. This month, post your portraits of lovers to celebrate Valentine's Day
    February 2017
  52. Draw real movie posters, or make up your own...
    March 2017
  53. proposed by Stars Portraits
    November 2016
  54. Famous politicians, from antiquity to the present day, real or fictional
    April 2017
  55. Get inspired by famous portraits (paintings like Mona Lisa, Girl with the Pearl Earing... or...
    May 2017
  56. Let's celebrate summer by portraying famous kids, child actors, celebrities' children, etc.
    July 2017
  57. This month, draw portraits of television personalities: presenters, talk show hosts, TV journalists...
    May 2017
  58. This month, draw portraits of police / crime / detective movies or television series.
    June 2017
  59. Many things to explore this month, around the thematics of manga characters. Films, anime, cartoons,...
    July 2017
  60. Folklore
    This month, celebrate your region or country and draw Stars Portraits artists or any celebrity of...
    June 2017
  61. This month topic: old television series.
    August 2017
  62. This month, draw superheros or actors having played superheros roles in movies or television.
    August 2017
  63. This month, draw a portrait of your favorite Japanese celebrities. Singers, actors, artists, fashion...
    September 2017
  64. Go ahead and draw portraits of the Harry Potter actors and characters!
    September 2017
  65. This month, let's draw actors and actresses with red hair!
    October 2017
  66. Let's celebrate the great scientists, men and women who achieved great discoveries and made science...
    October 2017
  67. Inspired by hats ? Go ahead, it is the theme of the month!
    November 2017
  68. Stars named Mark and its derivates (Marc, Marcus, Marco...)
    November 2017
  69. People who are famous despite (or thanks to?) being ugly. Many of them managed to be attractive...
    December 2017
  70. Sailors, adventurers and famous explorers.
    December 2017
  71. This month, draw personalities and hosts of reality television.
    February 2018
  72. Famous jazz musicians and singers.
    March 2018
  73. Draw artists of comic strips, comics, or mangas.
    March 2018
  74. proposed by mevelie
    May 2018
  75. Star Wars
    Star Wars
    proposed by HamburgGirl
    June 2018
  76. proposed by jujusunshine
    May 2018
  77. proposed by MayaOsina
    August 2018
  78. proposed by Kerstin
    August 2018
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  86. Miss France
    Miss France
    proposed by klk68
    April 2019
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  88. proposed by Cessydu31
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100 results

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