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Komal Jha

Komal Jha

(Born March 15, 1987)

KOMAL JHA is a 30 year old Actress born in Ranchi nor Jharkhand.She made Her screen debut in 2009 in 3 Idiots but She went virtually unnoticed as it was a fleeting appearance.It was only in 2010 that She got Her first leading lady role when She made Her Malayalam debut in 24 Hrs directed by Aditya Sam Abrahams..Sadly Her next two films remained in the cans for long and when finally released they were a box office disaster.
A truly dejected Komal not seeing Her career go anywhere decided to take a break from films and relocated to Dubai to join a blue chip construction company as She was a qualified Mechanical Engineer..But even into Her new job She continued to do modeling and thus remained in the limelight with Her commercials and brand endorsements.Thus 2011 saw Her return back to filmd and in the next couple of years She did an assortment of roles first in Kannad films whre ugly spats and controversies got her blacklisted..Now She is back in Bollywood since 2014 as a lead heroine.

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