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  1. Famous actors and actresses list on Stars Portraits
    A list of famous actors and actresses... In our gallery, you will see a lot of actors portraits and...
  2. List of television celebrities on Stars Portraits
    List of famous TV actors, actresses and television characters.


84 results

  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio
  3. Ian Somerhalder
  4. One Direction
  5. Harry Styles
  6. Samuel L. Jackson
  7. Jean Dujardin
  8. Shirley Temple
  9. Adrien Brody
  10. Vincent Price
  11. Jamie Foxx
  12. Henry Fonda
  13. Jimmy Stewart
  14. Christopher Lee
  15. Steven Seagal
  16. Javier Bardem
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  19. Leona Lewis
  20. Zayn Malik
  21. Ryan Phillippe
  22. Bruce Boxleitner
  23. Bailey Chase
  24. Blake Woodruff
  25. Ethan Hawke
  26. Freddie Highmore
  27. Matthew Davis
  28. Megumi Hayashibara
  29. Shayne Ward
  30. Michael Clarke Duncan
  31. Sam Neill
  32. Sterling Hayden
  33. Robert Taylor
  34. Andrew Garfield
  35. Niall Horan
  36. Miguel Ferrer
  37. Spencer Tracy
  38. Totò
  39. Christoph Waltz
  40. Cher Lloyd
  41. Stephen Chow
  42. Nazneen Contractor
  43. Alfie Allen
  44. James Arthur
  45. Phil Brown (actor)
  46. Madhu (actor)
  47. Joe Cole (actor)
  48. Jacob Tremblay
  49. Joel Rinne
  50. Timothy Omundson
  51. Pavel Bartos
  52. Volker Bruch
  53. Howard Charles
  54. Kodi Smit-McPhee
  55. Lajos Básti
  56. Domingos Montagner
  57. Mathieu Carrière
  58. Stevo Žigon
  59. James Dreyfus
  60. Max Charles
  61. Randy Quaid
  62. Aleksandar Berček
  63. Robert Hays
  64. Danilo Stojković
  65. Raf Vallone
  66. Henry Wilcoxon
  67. Terry Crews
  68. Fatin Shidqia
  69. Fernando Rey
  70. Sebastian Shaw
  71. Chuck Barris
  72. Akira (actor)
  73. William Chan
  74. Luke Treadaway
  75. Roberto Gómez Bolaños
  76. Scott Schwartz
  77. Frank Dillane
  78. Joe McElderry
  79. Rhydian Roberts
  80. Olly Murs
  81. Matt Cardle
  82. Isaac Hempstead-Wright
  83. Joseph Whelan
  84. Marco Mengoni
  85. Maryvette Lair
  86. Aashish Chaudhary


3 results

  1. balloonfactory
    United Kingdom
  2. CultureFactory
  3. Geisha-Factory


14 results

  1. Superman
    Create a portrait of any actor who portrayed Superman, for example Georges Reeves, Christopher...
    March 2014
  2. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, Eli Wallach, Aldo Giuffrè or other actors from the movie
    April 2014
  3. Robin Hood
    Robin Hood
    Actors portraying Robin Hood, for example Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner, Jonas Armstrong, Errol...
    June 2014
  4. Bollywood
    Bollywood actors and actresses
    August 2014
  5. James Bond
    James Bond
    Actors portraying James Bond: Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig... but also...
    September 2015
  6. 40s, 50s, 60s actors
    40s, 50s, 60s actors
    Movie stars from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s
    January 2017
  7. Space
    Outer Space: fictional aliens, actors, astronauts, scientists...
    March 2017
  8. Kids
    Let's celebrate summer by portraying famous kids, child actors, celebrities' children, etc.
    July 2017
  9. Superheros
    This month, draw superheros or actors having played superheros roles in movies or television.
    August 2017
  10. Japanese stars
    Japanese stars
    This month, draw a portrait of your favorite Japanese celebrities. Singers, actors, artists, fashion...
    September 2017
  11. Saga Harry Potter
    Saga Harry Potter
    Go ahead and draw portraits of the Harry Potter actors and characters!
    September 2017
  12. Red heads
    Red heads
    This month, let's draw stars with red hair! Actors, actresses or other stars.
    October 2017
  13. Actors who sing and dance
    Actors who sing and dance
    proposed by Toyscape
    March 2019
  14. ultrason
    Movie stars from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s
    January 2017


57 results


100 results

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