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  1. List of fictional characters on Stars Portraits
    List of fictional characters, legends and mythology characters, and famous animals


41 results

  1. John Travolta
  2. Uma Thurman
  3. Christopher Walken
  4. Quentin Tarantino
  5. Samuel L. Jackson
  6. Harvey Keitel
  7. Alien
  8. Bruce Boxleitner
  9. Jules Verne
  10. WALL-E
  11. Snoopy
  12. Gérard Klein
  13. Keir Dullea
  14. Paul Darrow
  15. E.T.
  16. H. P. Lovecraft
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  19. I Robot
  20. The Iron Giant
  21. Marvin the Paranoid Android
  22. RoboCop
  23. Angela Jones
  24. Bernard Werber
  25. Transformers
  26. Ving Rhames
  27. J. J. Abrams
  28. Fallout
  29. Thorgal
  30. Planet of the Apes
  31. Small Soldiers
  32. Flash Gordon
  33. Harvey Weinstein
  34. Jurassic Park
  35. Glynis Barber
  36. Michael Keating
  37. Sally Knyvette
  38. Mars Attacks
  39. Steve Bacic
  40. Cylon
  41. Frank Frazetta
  42. Fausto Tommei
  43. Fausto Miño


3 results

  1. Science Fiction
    Science Fiction
    Science Fiction characters, with the celebrity of your choice
    March 2016
  2. Space
    Outer Space: fictional aliens, actors, astronauts, scientists...
    March 2017
  3. Politics
    Famous politicians, from antiquity to the present day, real or fictional
    April 2017


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