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  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Audrey Kitching
  3. Silverchair
  4. Donald Trump
  5. Liz Phair
  6. David Strathairn
  7. Bhairavi Goswami
  8. Corinne Luchaire
  9. Zuhair Murad
  10. Professor Longhair
  11. Ratan Tata
  12. Chairil Anwar
  13. Mhairi Calvey
  14. Abul Khair
  15. Fatima Khair
  16. Eliza Cuts
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  19. Hera
  20. Hira


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  1. BrownHairedBoy
    United States


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  1. Hair drawing tutorial
    Tutorials - Hair drawing tutorial
    We highly recommend this great tutorial by Tomáš (Timon). Drawing hair is definitely one of the...
  2. Draw hair with colored pencils
    Tutorials - Draw hair with colored pencils
    Vivi will help you draw realistic hair with colored pencils, on this step by step tutorial. Choosing...
  3. Dessiner les cheveux
    Tutorials - Dessiner les cheveux
    De très claires explications pour apprendre à dessiner les cheveux au crayon et à la poudre de...
  4. Dessiner des cheveux avec Photoshop
    Tutorials - Dessiner des cheveux avec Photoshop
    Apprendre à faire les cheveux. Apprendre à faire un effet de mèches et de brillance. Comment bien...
  5. Adobe Illustrator CS Tutorial
    Tutorials - Adobe Illustrator CS Tutorial
    A very good vector tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS, focusing a lot on the basic things.


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