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  1. Celebrity portraits & fanart gallery on Stars Portraits
    Come and visit our great gallery of celebrities portraits and caricatures! Have a look at the recently added...


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  1. Cristina Otero
  2. Stars Portraits artists


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  1. portrait
  2. espoirduportrait
  3. portraitsbyval
    United States
  4. PortraitArtistGene
    United States
  5. SilentPortrait
    United Kingdom
  6. portraitgraph
  7. portraitprincess
    United States
  8. portraitprincessandrea
  9. nickieportrait
  10. LauraKleinportraits
    United States
  11. TH-portraits
  12. tresacrainportraits
    United States
  13. fgportraits
    United States
  14. portraitiste
  15. eaorfanoportrait
  16. portraitbypencil
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  19. crokportrait
  20. CelebPortraits07
    United States
  21. alae-portraits
  22. Portraitist-Igor
  23. portraits77
  24. titiaportrait
  25. superportraits
  26. goportraits
  27. PyroPortraits
    United States
  28. watercolourportrait
    United Kingdom
  29. Portraitartist
  30. comicportraits
    United States
  31. PassionPortrait
  32. portrait-bois
  33. oliversportraits
    United Kingdom
  34. watercolourportrait1
    United Kingdom
  35. portraitpersonnalise
  36. portrait-original
  37. portrait-rock-star
  38. plutoportraitart
  39. portraitspanish
  40. Portraiter
    United Kingdom
  41. plesnerportraitart
  42. portraitdestar
  43. pottersportraits
    United Kingdom
  44. mcbportraits
    United Kingdom
  45. TerryArtPortrait
  46. ArtsyPortraiteer
    United States
  48. pencilportraits
    United Kingdom
  49. portraitoile
  50. starsportraits
    United States
  51. EmelinePortraitiste
  52. portraitmaniac
  53. PortraitsKLB
  54. aphotoaportrait
  55. poupeeportrait
  56. Joifulportraits
    United States
  57. Finefinishportraits
  58. portraits
  59. bycocoportraits
  60. Thierryportrait
  61. zenportraitiste
  62. PaperPortraits
    United Kingdom
  63. CreativPortrait
  64. PortraitsenFolie
  65. portraitschris
  66. 868portraits
    Trinidad y Tobago
  67. portraitemoi


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  1. FAQ - Who are the artists who submit the portraits ?
    They are amateur and professionnal artists from all over the world. They decided to join and exhibit their...
  2. FAQ - Can I buy any portrait ? How can I contact a member ?
    You can't sell or buy any portrait directly on this website. However, you can contact any artist if you’re...
  3. FAQ - What’s my interest in submitting my portraits here ?
    Fame :) StarsPortraits is THE reference website for celebrities portraits. Your art will be seen by thousands...
  4. FAQ - I want to submit my portraits, how can I become a member ?
    You can use our subscription form. You just have to choose a nickname and password, and your email address....
  5. FAQ - What kind of portraits do you accept ?
    We accept any kind of portrait if it’s a celebrity portrait, if it's a good quality picture, and if it’s...
  6. FAQ - Are the portraits approved by an administrator ?
    Yes, we manually verify every portrait submitted before they’re actually displayed in the gallery. When you...
  7. FAQ - What is the required level to submit portraits ?
    Every level are appreciated and we are very happy to welcome any artist of any age to become a Stars-Portraits...
  8. FAQ - Do I still own the copyrights of my artworks ?
    Of course, a copyright mention is displayed on each portrait page. You are the only owner of your pictures, as...
  9. FAQ - How can I modify or remove a portrait from my gallery ?
    Once you're logged into your member area, you can click on "My gallery" tab. To modify a portrait, click on...
  10. FAQ - How do you pick the portrait of the day or the artist of the week?
    The portrait of the day is carefully choosen by our team, amongst all the best portraits. The artist of the...
  11. FAQ - I would like to display some of the pictures on my blog or webpage. Do I have...
    No, you can't use any of the artworks and images of this website, these pictures are protected by intellectual...
  12. FAQ - How to advertise on ?
    Most advertising on is handled by Google Adwords. Adwords allows businesses to advertise...
  13. FAQ - One of my portraits has disappeared. Why ?
    We reserve the right to delete any picture for any reason, without notice, particularly in case of offensive...
  14. FAQ - I have deleted a portrait to exchange it with a improved one. But everytime the...
    This is a common problem, your new portrait has been correctly uploaded. You are seeing the old one because...
  15. FAQ - Can I post an unlimited number of portraits in my gallery?
    After a request by several members in the forum, we have changed the upload limit to [nbMaxPortraitsPerDay]...


37 results

  1. Portrait Sketching in Charcoal
    Tutorials - Portrait Sketching in Charcoal
    Sketching the human face with charcoal (using brush techniques).
  2. Portrait proportions
    Tutorials - Portrait proportions
    Here are some basic principles you can follow to improve your drawing. You can use these to check ...
  3. Pencil portrait
    Tutorials - Pencil portrait
    A good tutorial in 10 steps for learning how to create a portrait : basics features, outline,...
  4. Pet Portrait
    Tutorials - Pet Portrait
    A very good tutorial about how to draw pet portraits with colored pencils. Basic process and tips....
  5. Portrait au fusain
    Tutorials - Portrait au fusain
    Ce tutorial détaille toutes les étapes de la réalisation d'un portrait au fusain de Paris Hilton.
  6. Portrait au graphite
    Tutorials - Portrait au graphite
    Ce tutorial détaille toutes les étapes de la réalisation d'un portrait de Zinedine Zidane au...
  7. Portrait in Watercolour
    Tutorials - Portrait in Watercolour
    A watercolour painting demonstration of a Nelson Mandela Portrait, working from photo reference....
  8. Portraiture lesson
    Tutorials - Portraiture lesson
    To study draw a portrait using the 'inside-out' method.
  9. Jeff Buckley portrait
    Tutorials - Jeff Buckley portrait
    This is a step-by-step art tutorial for a Jeff Buckley painting. It explains how to paint a portrait...
  10. Paul McCartney portrait
    Tutorials - Paul McCartney portrait
    This is a step-by-step art tutorial for a Paul McCartney painting. It explains how to paint a...
  11. A Portrait In Coloured Pencils
    Tutorials - A Portrait In Coloured Pencils
    A very interesting tutorial to learn how to draw a portrait using coloured pencils, with many useful...
  12. Hermione Portrait
    Tutorials - Hermione Portrait
    A very good portrait tutorial which explains how to draw Hermione (Emma Watson) in 7 steps, using...
  13. Marilyn Portrait Tutorial
    Tutorials - Marilyn Portrait Tutorial
    A truly fantastic drawing tutorial to learn how to draw a portrait of Marilyn Monroe with pencil....
  14. Portrait au stylo bille
    Tutorials - Portrait au stylo bille
    Allan nous explique toutes les étapes de la création d'un portrait en couleur, entièrement...
  15. Watercolor portrait of Robert Smith
    Tutorials - Watercolor portrait of Robert Smith
    Brainfree explains how he uses watercolor to paint a portrait of Robert Smith in 5 steps.
  16. Watercolor portrait of Jay-Z
    Tutorials - Watercolor portrait of Jay-Z
    Brainfree explains how he uses watercolor to paint a portrait of Jay Z in 5 steps.
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  19. Digital Pastel Portrait
    Tutorials - Digital Pastel Portrait
    Digital artist Shahin explains how he paints a digital pastel portrait, using the sotfware Corel...
  20. Pencil portrait from outlines to details
    Tutorials - Pencil portrait from outlines to details
    Pencil artist rvsa17 explains the construction of a Haley Joel Osment portrait in 6 steps, from...
  21. Portrait au crayon
    Tutorials - Portrait au crayon
    Dans cet excellent tutoriel, détaillant la création d'un portrait de Michèle Morgan au crayon...
  22. Portrait tutorial
    Tutorials - Portrait tutorial
    Here is an excellent pencil portrait tutorial by Rick (JRFortson). In 11 very detailed steps, Rick...
  23. Portrait de femme
    Tutorials - Portrait de femme
    Jacques Dominé nous propose ce pas à pas sous forme de diaporama, présentant les étapes de la...
  24. Portrait drawing
    Tutorials - Portrait drawing
    Another outstanding tutorial by Tomáš (Timon), about drawing the whole portrait with all its parts...
  25. Portrait crayons de couleur
    Tutorials - Portrait crayons de couleur
    Ce tuto va donc vous montrer comment je m'y prends pour faire un portrait aux crayons de couleur...
  26. Portrait aux pastels
    Tutorials - Portrait aux pastels
    Un tutoriel vidéo montrant toutes les étapes de la création d'un portrait de Keanu Reeves aux...
  27. Portrait à l
    Tutorials - Portrait à l'encre
    Atreju nous explique comment faire un portrait à l'encre, c'est à dire à la plume et au pinceau....
  28. Graffiti portrait
    Tutorials - Graffiti portrait
    A making-of video of Jared Leto with Mohawk Style ~ Graffiti by Kim-Lan.
  29. Portrait aux crayons de couleur
    Tutorials - Portrait aux crayons de couleur
    Avec cet excellent tutorial tout en images, découvrez la méthode de Mickmann pour la réalisation...
  30. Portrait d
    Tutorials - Portrait d'Harry Potter et Hermione
    Bonjour à tous ! Ce tutorial d'un portrait de Harry Potter et Emma Watson présente la méthode...
  31. How to paint an oil portrait
    Tutorials - How to paint an oil portrait
    How to paint Ava Gardner's oil portrait on canvas? In this tutorial, Wisewyn describes all the steps...
  32. Portrait sur bois à la scie à chantourner
    Tutorials - Portrait sur bois à la scie à chantourner
    Un étonnant tutorial de JPSTARS, montrant la réalisation d'un portrait sur bois à la scie à...
  33. Portrait réaliste
    Tutorials - Portrait réaliste
    Jacques nous propose ce diaporama montrant la réalisation de son portrait de Gaspard Ulliel. De la...
  34. Portrait fusain et pierre blanche
    Tutorials - Portrait fusain et pierre blanche
    Portrait de Phil Collins réalisé au fusain et à la pierre blanche sur papier gris perle. Format...
  35. Portrait d
    Tutorials - Portrait d'enfant
    Difficile de dessiner des enfants... Jacques nous propose ce diaporama montrant la réalisation d'un...
  36. Video portrait Hedy Lamarr
  37. Digital drawing with Corel Painter 11
    Tutorials - Digital drawing with Corel Painter 11
    A tutorial about a portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the best movie ever (in my opinion) :...
  38. Drawing close up of face
    Tutorials - Drawing close up of face
    With step by step pictures, Heather explains how to draw a close up portrait with pencils, including...
  39. Figure Sketch of Aidan Gillen
    Tutorials - Figure Sketch of Aidan Gillen
    A basic tutorial on how to draw figure in pencil, by Heather Windle.


10 results

  1. Réalisez tous un portrait sur le thème de la saga !
    November 2015
  2. Votre portrait ne doit pas montrer le visage entier mais seulement le regard d'une célébrité
    August 2016
  3. Décembre oblige... réalisez tous un portrait d'une célébrité sur le thème de Noël
    December 2016
  4. Ce mois-ci, postez vos portraits d'amoureux à l'occasion de la St Valentin
    February 2017
  5. Inspirez-vous des portraits célèbres (peintures comme la Joconde, la Marilyn de Andy Warhol, la...
    May 2017
  6. Enfants
    Fêtons l'été et les grandes vacances en faisant des portraits d'enfants célèbres, acteurs,...
    July 2017
  7. Animateurs de TV
    Animateurs de TV
    Ce mois-ci, plongez dans le monde du petit écran et dessinez des portraits d'animateurs et...
    May 2017
  8. Folklore
    Ce mois-ci, mettez à l'honneur votre région ou pays, et participez au jeu du mois et dessinez des...
    June 2017
  9. Les tatoués
    Les tatoués
    Ce mois-ci, faisons hommage aux tatouages en tirant le portrait de nos stars tatouées préférées...
    August 2018
  10. La cuisine
    La cuisine
    Une petite faim ? Faites-nous saliver avec des portraits de stars en lien avec la gastronomie, la...
    April 2019


45 results


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