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  1. Celebrity portraits & fanart gallery on Stars Portraits
    Come and visit our great gallery of celebrities portraits and caricatures! Have a look at the recently added...


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  2. Perrie Edwards


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    United States
  2. LauraKleinportraits
    United States
  3. TH-portraits
  4. tresacrainportraits
    United States
  5. fgportraits
    United States
  6. CelebPortraits07
    United States
  7. alae-portraits
  8. portraits77
  9. superportraits
  10. goportraits
  11. PyroPortraits
    United States
  12. comicportraits
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  13. oliversportraits
    United Kingdom
  14. portraitspanish
  15. pottersportraits
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  16. mcbportraits
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  1. FAQ - Who are the artists who submit the portraits ?
    They are amateur and professionnal artists from all over the world. They decided to join and exhibit their...
  2. FAQ - What’s my interest in submitting my portraits here ?
    Fame :) StarsPortraits is THE reference website for celebrities portraits. Your art will be seen by thousands...
  3. FAQ - I want to submit my portraits, how can I become a member ?
    You can use our subscription form. You just have to choose a nickname and password, and your email address....
  4. FAQ - What kind of portraits do you accept ?
    We accept any kind of portrait if it’s a celebrity portrait, if it's a good quality picture, and if it’s...
  5. FAQ - Are the portraits approved by an administrator ?
    Yes, we manually verify every portrait submitted before they’re actually displayed in the gallery. When you...
  6. FAQ - What is the required level to submit portraits ?
    Every level are appreciated and we are very happy to welcome any artist of any age to become a Stars-Portraits...
  7. FAQ - Do I still own the copyrights of my artworks ?
    Of course, a copyright mention is displayed on each portrait page. You are the only owner of your pictures, as...
  8. FAQ - I would like to display some of the pictures on my blog or webpage. Do I have...
    No, you can't use any of the artworks and images of this website, these pictures are protected by intellectual...
  9. FAQ - How to advertise on ?
    Most advertising on is handled by Google Adwords. Adwords allows businesses to advertise...
  10. FAQ - One of my portraits has disappeared. Why ?
    We reserve the right to delete any picture for any reason, without notice, particularly in case of offensive...
  11. FAQ - Can I post an unlimited number of portraits in my gallery?
    After a request by several members in the forum, we have changed the upload limit to [nbMaxPortraitsPerDay]...


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  1. Pencil portrait
    Tutorials - Pencil portrait
    A good tutorial in 10 steps for learning how to create a portrait : basics features, outline,...
  2. Portrait au fusain
    Tutorials - Portrait au fusain
    Ce tutorial détaille toutes les étapes de la réalisation d'un portrait au fusain de Paris Hilton.
  3. Portrait au graphite
    Tutorials - Portrait au graphite
    Ce tutorial détaille toutes les étapes de la réalisation d'un portrait de Zinedine Zidane au...
  4. Portrait in Watercolour
    Tutorials - Portrait in Watercolour
    A watercolour painting demonstration of a Nelson Mandela Portrait, working from photo reference....
  5. A Portrait In Coloured Pencils
    Tutorials - A Portrait In Coloured Pencils
    A very interesting tutorial to learn how to draw a portrait using coloured pencils, with many useful...
  6. Hermione Portrait
    Tutorials - Hermione Portrait
    A very good portrait tutorial which explains how to draw Hermione (Emma Watson) in 7 steps, using...


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  1. This month, post your portraits of lovers to celebrate Valentine's Day
    February 2017
  2. Get inspired by famous portraits (paintings like Mona Lisa, Girl with the Pearl Earing... or...
    May 2017
  3. This month, draw portraits of television personalities: presenters, talk show hosts, TV journalists...
    May 2017
  4. This month, draw portraits of police / crime / detective movies or television series.
    June 2017
  5. Folklore
    This month, celebrate your region or country and draw Stars Portraits artists or any celebrity of...
    June 2017
  6. Go ahead and draw portraits of the Harry Potter actors and characters!
    September 2017


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Florence Pugh
by Exalion
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Tomer Sisley

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