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  • Portrait d'Harry Potter et HermionePortrait d'Harry Potter et Hermioneby BarticaAdded on March 20, 2012Bonjour à tous ! Ce tutorial d'un portrait de Harry Potter et Emma Watson présente la méthode personnelle que j'emploie pour réaliser mes portraits.
  • Portrait aux crayons de couleurPortrait aux crayons de couleurby MickmannAdded on January 1, 2012Avec cet excellent tutorial tout en images, découvrez la méthode de Mickmann pour la réalisation d'un portrait couleur au crayon aquarelle.
  • L'art de dessinerL'art de dessinerby DiracAdded on December 16, 2011Dirac nous montre dans cette vidéo les différents aspects de la création du portrait d'une petite fille. Les techniques sont mixtes : crayon fusain, craie blanche, feutre marqueur.
  • How to draw woolHow to draw woolby TimonAdded on December 14, 2011In this tutorial, you'll learn how to draw a woolen sweater or wool in general. Includes a video. Many thanks to Timon for this great tutorial!
  • Graffiti portraitGraffiti portraitby kim-lanAdded on November 27, 2011A making-of video of Jared Leto with Mohawk Style ~ Graffiti by Kim-Lan.
  • Eyes drawingEyes drawingby artisticheatherAdded on November 27, 2011With step by step pictures, Heather explains how to draw eyes with colored pencils using cross hatch technique.
  • Draw hair with colored pencilsDraw hair with colored pencilsby vividecAdded on November 1, 2011Vivi will help you draw realistic hair with colored pencils, on this step by step tutorial. Choosing the right color tone, sketching hairstripes, and many more advices!
  • Drawing close up of faceDrawing close up of faceby artisticheatherAdded on November 1, 2011With step by step pictures, Heather explains how to draw a close up portrait with pencils, including shading, creating contrasts and working on the details.
  • Digital drawing with Corel Painter 11Digital drawing with Corel Painter 11by Bilou020285Added on September 30, 2011A tutorial about a portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the best movie ever (in my opinion) : Inception by Christopher Nolan. I hope you'll enjoyed it!
  • How to get the right proportions?How to get the right proportions?by IlojleenAdded on September 18, 2011Many beginners face the problem of getting the right proportions when drawing head and faces. Eyes, mouth... Luckily, there are ways to make drawing portraits easier :)
  • How to draw nosesHow to draw nosesby IlojleenAdded on September 18, 2011Flat, pointed, snub... noses are varied and differ from each other so much! In spite of the differences between them, we can draw all noses following the same steps! Have a look at them!
  • Tips and techniques guideTips and techniques guideby JRFortsonAdded on June 15, 2011TIPS, TRICKS, TECHNIQUES (Rick’s GUIDE to everything I’ve learned in my first year)
  • Portrait à l'encrePortrait à l'encreby AtrejuAdded on June 15, 2011Atreju nous explique comment faire un portrait à l'encre, c'est à dire à la plume et au pinceau. Le modèle : Les Goonies.
  • Portrait aux pastelsPortrait aux pastelsby NippyAdded on June 11, 2011Un tutoriel vidéo montrant toutes les étapes de la création d'un portrait de Keanu Reeves aux pastels, avec explications détaillées. Très impressionnant !
  • Graffiti videoGraffiti videoby kim-lanAdded on May 16, 2011A making-of video from Kim-Lan, showing the graffiti portrait of Oliver Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon.

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