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Painting Chris Martin

by drawmyface

Painting Chris Martin

Author : drawmyface

Tutorial submitted on November 17, 2006

This is a step-by-step art tutorial for a Chris Martin portrait. It explains how to draw a portrait with acrylics painting, from rough sketch to finished painting.

Painting Chris Martin Step 1

Step 1

This pose came straight from a still frame of the Coldplay Live 2003 DVD. I sketched the outline onto the canvas in pencil, then blocked in the main areas of colour. The figure and piano contain no blending at this stage, but I wanted to get the background right early on. The coloured lights were difficult to paint, I first laid down the tones in grayscale, then applied the colours in a thin wash.

Painting Chris Martin Step 2

Step 2

Here I added the reflection detail to the piano, painted in the basic colours of the camera and microphone, then worked on the flesh tones, added layers with various mixes of white, burnt sienna and yellow ochre. Burnt umber and black were added for the darker areas under the wrists. Note that the back of the head contains a lot of red due to the reflected light.

Painting Chris Martin Step 3

Step 3

Mainly working on the face, the flesh tones are blended with the darker shadows, the details of eyes, nose, ears and mouth are emphasised with a fine brush, and more yellow is added to the flesh tone to give more depth. I started to add thin crimson washes to the black jacket to show the reflected red light, which is also being built up on the back of the head and around the ear.

Painting Chris Martin Step 4

Step 4

The flesh tones are now blended nicely, so I add highlights and reflected red light to the jacket. More detail is added to the microphone and camera, and the painting starts to near completion.

Painting Chris Martin Step 5

Step 5

The finishing touches are added. Details on the face, the writing on the piano, and some final colour washes are applied. Note the red "glow" on the back of the head and jacket, showing the reflected red light. Don't be afraid to apply colour where it is needed, because you don't think it should be there. You know he doesn't have red hair, but on a stage with coloured lights, very little is left in its original colour.

see the full-size finished painting

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