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How to draw with pastels on black paper?

by Ilojleen

How to draw with pastels on black paper?

Author : Ilojleen

Tutorial submitted on March 21, 2013

Drawing with soft pastels on a black sheet of paper can produce an amazing effect. It allows to get perfect depth of black with NO effort. With this excellent tutorial, Ilojleen proposes a quick and easy way to create an impressive drawing !


Many thanks to Ilojleen for this tutorial.

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0 19582
staryaar - 11 years ago

very nice...

1 9617
Ilojleen - 11 years ago

Thank you :)

0 17930
zalvesteso - 11 years ago

muy chulo...

1 9617
Ilojleen - 10 years ago

Gracias :)

2 17930
zalvesteso - 10 years ago

De nada... un placer...!!

0 9447
AudreyT - 10 years ago

Very helpful, thank you for this tutorial ! :thumbup:

1 9617
Ilojleen - 10 years ago

You're very welcome, thank you!

0 12874
mevelie - 10 years ago

gorgeous ! I think it will be very usefull, I find it hard to draw on black paper and pastel isn't my fav technique... great tool this razor blade, I wish I could find something like this to make my pastel sharp ! don't you fin d it difficult to mix soft pastel (in stick) with the pencils ? the texture are different, I find pencils easier to use but to hard on paper and colours ain't so bright than with soft pastels :) :whip: :whip: :hug:

1 9617
Ilojleen - 10 years ago

Hey, sorry for the late reply! I don't mix graphite pencils with pastel pencils, as I wrote in the tutorial, I draw pastel pencil lines next to graphite ones. Or I rather used to draw - you see, you may replace pastels with with soft white coloured pencil [e.g. Derwent Coloursoft] or white watercolour pencil [e.g. Koh-I-Noor Mondeluz], it's easier to draw with it! And looks much better! That's why I don't use pastel pencils anymore :)

2 12874
mevelie - 9 years ago

I had kept your answer in my messages in order to record it but I forgot to thank you for the explanation : thanks a lot ! :cute: :thumbup:

3 9617
Ilojleen - 9 years ago

No problem :)

0 12874
mevelie - 9 years ago

:cute: :hi:

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