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Eye-drawing tutorial by Sarah

by StingingPistol

Eye-drawing tutorial by Sarah

Author : StingingPistol

Tutorial submitted on January 20, 2007

A great and very detailed tutorial, to learn how to draw an eye in 30 steps.

Drawing eye - step 01 Draw some outlines..
Drawing eye - step 02 See where the darkest parts are, and darken them.
Drawing eye - step 03

This is roughly how I draw irises:

Again, shade the darkest parts first!
Drawing eye - step 04 Then, shade the rest of the eye. Try and create some depth.
Drawing eye - step 05 Blend the whole iris with either a tortillion, or a wadding stick (those things you can use to clean your ears)
Drawing eye - step 06 Repeat this process a few times.
Drawing eye - step 07 Grab your kneadable eraser and try to create a sharp point to make the iris look less "empty".
Drawing eye - step 08 Make some more highlights, continue until you're satisfied.
Drawing eye - step 09

The white parts of the eye obviously aren't all that white, so...

First roughly reflect the darker and lighter parts.
Drawing eye - step 10 Use a tortillion or a wadding stick to blend.
Drawing eye - step 11 Because the last step obviously looked too dark and flat, add some highlights with the kneadable eraser.
Drawing eye - step 12

Let's shade the upper eyelid!

Again, start by drawing the darkest area.
Drawing eye - step 13 Like I did all the time, it's all about realistic shading. An eyelid has lots of different shades...
Drawing eye - step 14 Use a tissue to blend the eyelid. It obviously still looks kind of flat, but I'll draw the lashes before adding more highlights
Drawing eye - step 15

It's time to draw a few eyelashes (and I'll show you where to start)

To determine where to draw the lashes above the lower eyelid, shade this tiny part of the eye first. Pencil, followed by a tortillion...
Drawing eye - step 16 Upper lashes! Try and make them look like bows. Also, they're never all the same length. Keep that in mind.
Drawing eye - step 17 Draw some lower lashes. They don't have to be all that realistic yet...
Drawing eye - step 18

The part between the upper eyelid and the eyebrow's fun to draw. Awesome shading!

Like I did all the time... Light pencil strokes that are kind of close together.
Drawing eye - step 19 Use a tissue to blend.
Drawing eye - step 20 Repeat this process a few times. Don't be afraid to use darks!
Drawing eye - step 21

I'm ready to draw the eyebrow...

First, draw the most noticeable lines.
Drawing eye - step 22 Then, shade the rest and blend the whole thing. Use a mixture of different tools and see what looks best!
Drawing eye - step 23

As you can see, I'm starting to shade anything that looks "flat", "missing" or "empty" at this point.

Drawing eye - step 24 While I'm doing that, I feel like it's time to shade underneath the eye.
Like I've explained before...
Drawing eye - step 25 Blend, and draw the most noticeable lines.
Drawing eye - step 26 Shade the darkest parts beneath the eye. Try and give it extra realism / depth by adding a few "wrinkles" : some thin lines that aren't supposed to be blended.
Drawing eye - step 27 Repeat the last step... I also added some shading where the nose is supposed to "start"
Drawing eye - step 28

Of course, above the eyebrow, shading is needed aswell...

No explanation needed.
Drawing eye - step 29 Blend using a tissue...

One last touch and we're FINISHED!

Drawing eye - step 30

Many thanks to StingingPistol for this awesome tutorial.
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