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Watercolor portrait of Jay-Z

by Brainfree

Watercolor portrait of Jay-Z

Author : Brainfree

Tutorial submitted on January 23, 2009

Brainfree explains how he uses watercolor to paint a portrait of Jay Z in 5 steps.

Watercolor portrait tutorial in 5 steps by Brainfree.

Step 1

Jay Z 1

First draw a light drawing using watercolour paper.

Step 2

Jay Z 2

Paint a light blue and black undercolour using watercolour paint.

Step 3

Jay Z 3

Paint is a little heaver with slightly darker paint, showing a little time for the details. Use water and a blending brush to remove errors like painting over the top nail on the top finger.

Step 4

Jay Z 4

Almost done blend out all small problems and blend in edges also tighten the straight lines, like the hat brim. Last of all paint over the black areas with black ink or acrylic black to get that jet black on the finished portrait.

Step 5

Jay Z 5

Finished work

See the finished portrait | See all the Jay Z portraits

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