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Artista de la semana - 2 al 8 oct. 2011  

 Mujer (30 años )
Dinamarca Dinamarca
Inscrito desde el 9 feb. 2008

  Nothing is as commen as the wish to be remarkable

so .. I am one of those poeple who are never able to find their keys, remember to book a time for the washing machines and therefore seems to always be in need of clean clothes. I am also one of those people who really couldn't care less if you agree with me.. I am who I am . Take it or leave it .
I am one of those people who stops to help strangers, if they seem to need it.. and I always hold the elevator if someone else comes..
And then I am one of those people who dances to the music I hear in my iPod .. Sometimes also in puplic .. Even though I haven't got any sense for rythm .. It makes me feel good. Happy !
I live in Denmark, 9 km from the heart of Copenhagen. I am studying to become a nurse and loving it.. Although .. in the end, school is school. But the classes are great .. the homework not so much.
Due to the studies, I don't draw as much as I would like to. Sometimes months passes by before I find the time to be creative . But I LOVE IT when I do ! :D  

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