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Artista de la semana - 9 al 15 dic. 2012  

 Mujer (31 años )
Polonia Polonia
Inscrito desde el 13 nov. 2009

  My name is Dominika and I'm a 26-year-old graduate of culture studies. I like taking photos very much but my beloved hobby is drawing. I've been doing it since I was a child, but I took up it seriously in 2002, when I saw some beautiful pictures drawn by my acquaintance - her artworks encouraged me to improve my poor skills. And, after almost 11 years, here I am!
However, I still remember my first attempts in drawing, like it would have been yesterday. I've made progress since then, but I'm still not skilled and creative enough to call myself a real artist... though I'm proud of being a self-taught person [mmmm, OK, honestly, my parents' genes helped me a bit :B but shhhh!].

I work with pencils, sometimes with crayons, watercolour pencils or pastels; and I portray all the time. I know I should try to draw something different than portraits, but I'm really hooked on that ^^

I'm eternally grateful for your support, it means a lot! (: hugs!

Here you can find some of my drawings, for more visit:  

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