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 Hombre (49 años )
Estados Unidos Estados Unidos
Inscrito desde el 20 mar. 2008

  Ok where to start?? I have always been an Artist.Well as long as I can remember.I have no formal training out side of public school.And furthermore have not been tought anything I can recall since 4 th grade.I wish I could remember that Teacher's name. My teeacher told me one day to "DRAW".I said "draw what?"He replied "I can not tell you that".......................................................... "Only you know that!" I took that to mean That all art came from within, and thats where I went to look. Every art class since I was so far ahead That I would just sit off to the side and draw. Most of the time for no grade. Witch didn't matter to me in the least. Therefor I failed most of my art classes. Since I got out of high school I have worked mostly as a Tattoo artist. For the last 10 years or more I have owned my own shop. After much thought in March of 08 I closed down my shop. Mainly because I beleave I took the medium of Tattoo as far as I was able. But my artistic abillity just kept growing. The little bit of finished drawing I was doing was outstanding. It got me to thinking maybe I should explore other mediums. So after closeing the shop. Here I am trying to build my skills and make an attempt at becomeing a great artist. At the very least it should be an interesting adventure. So to finish this life story I will be adding more work soon I have a few more ready and a few more in the works.So check back often.I'm now doing acrylic painting via Airbrush!!! Be sure to check them out.  

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