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 Mujer (67 años )
Estados Unidos Estados Unidos
Ùltima conexión hace 5 mes
Inscrito desde el 4 mar. 2020

  Self taught artist since 2013. Self taught graphic designer. Self taught author. Now 66 years young and still learning. Why did I choose this path you ask? Because as a young girl I enjoyed being alone, I didn't like people very much, because of their lack of humanity. But tragically at the age of 15 my son enter my life and gave me a new reason to look at the world differently. I had always made bad choices for myself but not for him. sometimes I feel like I failed in everything that comes into my life even with my son, when he choose DRUGS instead of me. At the age of 42 my son was taken from me due to a car crash 2 minutes from where my daughter lived. but not before he had given his heart to GOD for 3 months. During that 3 months I found it odd that he stated ( you have always love me and looked after me, when will you start doing something that you love, that will make you happy, for yourself) My son also loved drawing, and I remember loving drawing as a child so ART became my purpose at the age of 60. I now have 5 books published on AMAZON, and graphics designed by me. ( not selling well but their my accomplishments) and that's all that matter. I went further by trying to draw portraits and saw I was an armature, but my friends and family thought what I drew was good. i'm not making money from my work just having fun and thanking my son every day for his final encouragement. I still have a lot to learn in the art of drawing, and is very excited that i'm well on my way. one day I will have a website for my books and drawings, one day my art will be on at least one celebrity wall. all I ask for now is that when you review my art, to please give corrective criticism that will help me become a better artist and author... LOVE YOU ALL and THANKS for allowing me to be a part of your community.  

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