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 Mujer (42 años )
Filipinas Filipinas
Ùltima conexión hace 16 años
Inscrito desde el 6 jun. 2006

  Shy at first and warms eventually. A keen observer, deep, simple and calm... Art is my passion, i have a heart for inspiring books... I love meeting new people and making them my friends. I believe in time management; I never cram and remain composed in most situations, though often, i don't make plans...the only thing that disturbs me is when things go out of hand. I make time for myself, solitude comforts me... and keeps me close to Him... after all i've gone through i realized how much it means to live life to the fullest... i'm not an angel, like you, i have so many mistakes... and i'm always willing to rectify them...i'd like to make my life count in every way... i don't have words that can make people burst into laughter but words that can make people feel better. Simple things make me cry... when someone remembers me out of the blue... when i read letters written after ones own heart.. I love encouraging people so they can recognize their gifts, which are often overlooked when they become preoccupied. I love to see the stars at night. i enjoy staring how raindrops fall from the sky. I get excited when i hear the roar of thunders and feel happy when a cool breeze touches my face; i love to walk on foot in the seashore and warm thoughts come my way. I often dream of a world where people will no longer shed tears, no more hurts or disappointments and to make a contribution to this world leaving a legacy of faith, hope and love.

DON'T STEAL MY ARTWORKS!!! I have obtained a copyright for each piece... visit my official website at if you want to see more... thanks for dropping by!!!  

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