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  ANOTHER NEW DEVELOPMENT!! is where you go to help finance a new SF-themed children's book I am doing the art is a Kickstarter program and you can be the first to help it come to be! And if you can't donate, please share!

Also, my daughter has an IndieGogo campaign going to finance an operation her tiny dog needs to walk...and we can't afford it. Go to to see more. So far, she has only gotten three donations, and it makes me sad to see her sad!

I've been an illustrator for many years, having worked in educational media, role playing games (paper and online), comics, books, magazines and more, working primarily in watercolor (though I use other media). Right now I live in Savannah, Georgia...get me the hell outta here! More work available to see and buy on my site.

Commissions available, so don't hesitate to ask!

Also, please see my column, Ink Stains at if you would like to read about old fanzines of the 60s-80s and all the pros who got their start there!

My book is finally out, and you can order it in two forms. For a pdf/ebook version, go to and you can order it for only 5.99. If you want an actual print book, you can pre order them from me for 18.00 postpaid (and signed), or you can order a book with a sketch (your choice of subject matter, if you want) for a total of 30. Email me with questions at The book is 92 pages, stock full of full color images, and includes progressions, photos, sketches and more!  

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