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Famous Portraits

propuesto por mevelie

mayo 2017

Get inspired by famous portraits (paintings like Mona Lisa, Girl with the Pearl Earing... or photos); either reproduce them, or why not try to twist them by changing the technique, style, colors, or parody them...

  • Submit a celebrity portrait inspired by the topic of the month: Famous Portraits.
  • No imposed reference picture, you may pick any reference picture you like.
  • Draw, paint, or use any other technique of your choice.
  • Post your portrait before the end of the indicated month.
  • No te olvides de mencionar que el juego está en la descripción, de lo contrario, no se vio como una parte.
  • You may post as many portraits as you want for this game.
  • Last but not least, have fun!

Thanks to franca64120 for organizing this game.



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Retrato del día
Yul Brynner
por columbo
Un retrato al azar
Daniel Day-Lewis

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