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Dakota Fanning por Kozman


Añadido el 20 julio 2007, 01:19
Lápices de colores
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6 comentarios
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mel1433 - hace 14 años

Très joli! J'aime beaucoup les couleurs :clap: :clap:

1 1644
Kozman - hace 14 años

Dear Mel, I can't express how happy I was to read your comment thanks a lot for your encouraging words. Please forgive my being late in responding to your kinds visit and feedback

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Jeanette - hace 13 años

Very beautiful!! Bravo!! :whip: :whip: :whip: :blowkiss: :blowkiss:

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Kozman - hace 13 años

I am sorry Mel, je vous remerci, as I couldn't access my site for many months. I loved your comments and feel indebted to your kind words. I visited your site page, and enjoyed your fabulous technique in colouring and shading. You put a lot of effort into your drawings. I feel like stealing them and claim they are mine. Well done and God bless. If you feel like exchanging points of view on specific paintings, please feel free to contact me on I repeat my thanks and appreciations, All the warmest regards Nader

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Jeanette - hace 13 años

I'm so glad you that you appreciate the effort that I put into my paintings and they are refreshing. I love to use lots of color and if I can do scenery behing the person. Thank you so much dear friend Kozman! :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hi: :hi: :ok: :ok: :love: :love:

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fotoguy - hace 10 años

Beautiful! I love the colors you used.


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