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John Lackey por armattock


(Estados Unidos)
Añadido el 27 febrero 2013, 22:15
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Contribución al juego: baseball


  Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lackey is set to throw the baseball against the Tampa Bay Rays. This was drawn in 2013.  

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armattock - hace 9 años

Courtesy of NESN

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armattock - hace 9 años

John Derran Lackey (born October 23, 1978) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball. Lackey was drafted by the Anaheim Angels in 1999 and helped the franchise win its first World Series title in 2002, which was his first season in the major leagues. In 2007, he led the American League in earned run average and was also named to the All-Star team for the first time. When he became a free agent in 2009, Lackey signed with the Boston Red Sox. In 2011, he had one of the worst seasons by a starting pitcher in Red Sox history and the team missed the playoffs by one game after leading in the Wild Card race by 9.5 games in September.


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