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Billy Zane por Adelina


Añadido el 27 junio 2008, 16:20

  biily zane..titanic:X  

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Adelina - hace 14 años

he's a great man :love: :love: :love:

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brainfree - hace 14 años

Very good, I like him as and actor he's a bit under rated. Although at first sight the likness seems not to be there! I feel it coming up on me as I can see him in the eyes. The technique is good nicly posed and good shading. As a painter I can suggest darkness with the stroke of a brush. :) :thumbup:

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brainfree - hace 14 años

PS. I think I'll paint a tonal sketch of Billy to show how easy how with paint it is and not how good I am. :) :thumbup:


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