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David Lee Roth por Rodney


(Estados Unidos)
Añadido el 13 noviembre 2008, 20:00
Lápices de colores

  David Lee Roth album cover "Eat em and Smile"  

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4 comentarios
0 1568
EvelinLang - hace 12 años

It's only the two of us who worked on the most perfect rock-star in history? :D ...Great drawing! :thumbup:

1 5506
Rodney - hace 12 años

Thank you! I love this Roth album as well as the follow-up. I love classic Van Halen as well. :hi:

2 1568
EvelinLang - hace 12 años

It is interesting that you only used colours for Roth! He is the only rock-star I know nothing about his personal life...all the others dish out everything! Why you never colour the pretty leadies you work on? See how good this drawing is?!!! :ok:

3 5506
Rodney - hace 12 años

Thanks, I have trouble getting good flesh tones with color so I still need more practice in that area.


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