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Eye drawing tutorial by Lianne

por Lianneamanda20

Eye drawing tutorial by Lianne

Autor : Lianneamanda20

Tutorial enviado el 29 marzo 2007

With this very interesting tutorial, learn how to draw the beautiful eye of Angelina Jolie in 7 steps.

Many thanks to Lianne Issa for this amazing tutorial. Check out her portraits gallery.

Ok so here is my first tutorial, i'm not that good at explaining things but if i can post my Wips (works in progress) of an eye with a brief description this may help you see the way i do things. I hope you will find this usefull.....

I am going to attempt to draw the very beautiful eye of Angelina Jolie


Step 1

My first step would be to draw the outline of the eye and eyebrow making sure that the proportion are as close as possible. Proportions are the framework of a drawing and if you get these wrong it can ruin the appearance of a drawing. Its imprtant to remember that eyelashes dont come straight out of the eye so if you can see it in the reference draw the lip of the lower eye lid!

Step 2

My second step would be to block in the darkest areas of the eye and brow with some light shading using an HB pencil. when doing this remember to stay true to the reference but a little artistic licence is always nice when drawing eyes. When drawing eyebrows i start of drawing a base layer of hairs using a light hb pencil and then in each further step i will add fewer and fewer dark hairs.

Step 3

Once i am happy i have captured all the darkest tones i go on to darken them a little more and in the same step i add some mid tones. When drawing eyelashes, don't just draw a straight line, they are more pyramid shape starting thick at the top and thinning out at the end. a good way acheive this is to ease of the pressure on your pencil as you near the end of a stroke.

Step 4

I continue to darken the darkest areas and add a few features like soft lines in the iris. A lot of peoples eyes have a dark ring around the iris, if you add this make sure you blend it into the rest of the eye, there are no solid lines in life. Notice that in this step i have also added some detail to the tear ducts and added a soft blend to the right of the eye where the shadow meets the eyes white.

Step 5

 Now its time to add some more mid tones mainly around the eye. Try to stay true to the reference. i have also added some darker shading to the tear duct where necessary. Notice as mentioned in step 2 that in each step the eyebrow is getting darker as i pick out more dark hairs with a 2b pencil.

Step 6

Now this next step is important! A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that the eye whites are totally white when in actuality you can get some really interesting shadows in the whites. for an example have a look at my Jude Law picture. I have continued to add those mid tones.

Step 7

In this final step i have added the darker tones to the skin and also blended in small circular motions with a q tip, carefull not to smudge the darker eyebrow into the skin.

With each new drawing you do you will learn rules that are repeated in many peoples eyes. for example, rather than drawing the iris the same hew all around the pupil, it is normally darker at the top where it is shaded by the eyelashes! Eyelashes themselves are nearly always tangled rather than sticking straight out of the eye like a lot of people think, creating 'y' and 'v' shapes.

Good luck with your drawing and i hope this has been of some help.

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