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    Dear StarsPortraits members,
    after having followed and contemplated this community since its day one, I am today delighted to call for its contribution. As a matter of fact, I am a musician and my band is about to roll out its new album ; for that project we are looking for graphic designers to produce the related artwork : illustrations for the website and social networks, album cover page, leaflet drawings etc. I am convinced that this amazing community holds the right talents to work with us.
    Should you be interested, the band will share to you its press kit (bio, lyrics, visuals, sounds) so that you can capture our inspiration , atmosphere, and build the right visual identity. Note thyat the album will be distributed through the largest digital platforms (apple, spotify, deezer etc.), thus bringing the right exposure to your work. Finally we will pay deep attention to respect your preferred method for protection of your intellectual property rights (CreativeCommons, Copyright, any of your choice).
    Many thanks in advance for your interest, curiosity and .. Looking forward to working with you !
    Yours sincerely // Loic

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