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 Homme (22 ans)
Turquie Turquie
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  Erzurum hometown. Never'm not a racist. Tied Muslim and my religion. No religion contempt for people to share the same religion with them heart and soul, but I would like to see. Fan of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the savior of our country, my dear, I will defend at all costs. Walk in the footsteps of managers carry in the name of Oguz Khan, the chief put it on the day. Appointment will blaspheme curses me personally.I live in Bursa. I am a Turk. With my high school science student. My goal is to establish a happy home favorite girl. Drawings as a hobby prefer. For this reason I would like to develop in the future I plan to get help from an expert. Humanist and a young metalhead. What a lovely, is not it a contradiction? Let's not, and that's recognize me. What about you? :D  

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