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 Homme (34 ans)
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
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  Andrew Rowland considers himself to be primarily a drawing artist, exploring the technical and emotional advantages of the medium. Realism is a key issue in his explorations, and although there are some elements of contemporary drawing practice in some of the drawings, the main focus lies in capturing a likeness of the sitter, usually a celebrity (in the eyes of the artist) or someone who is well known. The images are always created from a photograph, as they are usually the only viable way to create the images, but this technique also offers a way of regenerating a particular moment in time. (Heavily influenced by the theories of John Plowman in his publication "Drawing Board";) .

Celebrity has been an issue which Rowland has explored for a little over two years, looking at ideas of idolisation, obsession and imitation of the celebrity in contemporary society. How do people see celebrities? How do fans see celebrities? These are some of the questions the artist explores through drawing.

Rowland has a strong interest in the events of the Holocaust, and the people who both orchestrated and suffered this horrific period. Drawings about this subject have become more frequent in recent studies (some of which can be veiwed on this site). As well as this interest, recent projects include the usage of computer based technology to create and edit images in order to explore both different techniques and outcomes that modern technology can offer.  

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