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 Femme (27 ans)
Slovénie Slovénie
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  Hello everybody!
First of all my original name is not Allie. It's just a name I gave it to myself, sort of an "art name" or something :grin: I picked it up in a movie called "The notebook" (my favorite movie of all) where Rachel McAdams (I just adore her) plays Allie.
I'm from Slovenia. A very small country that doesn't respect art and artists so I really hate living here.:grr:
I love to draw. Mostly with a pencil. Last few days I've been drawing with color pencils too. Sometimes, when I get fed up with pencils I draw with markers and some other techniques.
Mostly I draw Avril Lavigne because of her beautiful face :cute:

I'm very thankful for all your nice comments. I will try my best to answer them. :) And sorry for my "not so perfect" English. :laugh:

And for the end my favorite sentence;

I've never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso - Diego Rivera ;xD  

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