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 Femme (25 ans)
Roumanie Roumanie
Dernière connexion il y a 10 ans
Inscrit depuis le 29 juin 2009

  .... My name is A lexandra, I am 13 years old and I live in Roumainia...
...The very fist thing to say about myself is that I am a real daydreamer. I always have my head in the clouds, I am completly captivated by art... I am snaped from reality, spending most of my life in a fantasy...
...I love every single type of art- drawing, music( my favourite band is Evanescence), acting, poerty, dancing...
...I am fascinated by all the dark, melancholical things... I am rather a sad person.
...I think I am very deep an highly senzitive. Any simple thing can really moove me deep inside. I am a rebel and there is always a fire deep inside my soul, my brain is always full of storms...
... I am very emotional and I love listening to other people and understanding and helping them. I like studying peopel's character and personality, so I am also really interested in psichilogy.
... I try to understand others because I am misunderstood myself and I know how bad it feels...
... My biggest wish at the moment- I mean- MY OnlY WisH is to find someone who could really understand me and feel the way I do... I am desperatly looking for a true friend... I've longed to find this person for so long that I'm growing to believe I am born to be solitary and misunderstood for ever....
... I'd love to think I really am a complete artist... -although I'm not at all!-...  

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