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  "You should take your painting more seriously, you are talented".
The man who told me that was Christian my step father who raised me with my mother,he does not often make any propositions but I take that as an immense compliments on his part , but still. He told me that in the early 2000. it's true I like to paint sometimes on Canvas, sometimes on paper or even on my kitchen wall and even in the living room, it could also please my wife and my three children but to do only that no! My life is video editing, productions of trailers and documentaries for TV when it goes well I succeed and I am creative.
It started poorly by a move into another region, which did not work out and work became very scarce And finally, finances, divorce, depression and more!! Then with time and acceptance and at the end of the tunnel this phrase went through my head "you should paint more seriously you are talented".
So little by little my desire returned , first by drawing then it became painting on canvas ,and then why not get some good oil colors and then I should paint the canvas big and since I am very passionate about music and movies, why not combine everything that would interest more people ,so painting has become a new priority its more than therapy I cannot get by without it. It is a new passion a new chance on life. I also hope to make your days better and make you happy with my work. let me contaminate you thank you.  

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