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 Femme (29 ans)
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  hello dear amazing artists around the world
my name is Heni, i was really excited to join this community
i never draw a single portrait before, i wasn't even interested in drawing or painting. when i was in elementary, junior high, and senior high i only drew two mountains with the sun in between, road bordered with the trees and the golden/green fields =p if you know what i mean.
when i was in college, i often had to write reports and draw pictures of parts of the body like skull, brain, muscle etc. i just found that i can draw well =), tha was years ago, i never improved my drawing, i did it because i had to.
when i was googling (this is what i do everyday) for any celebs pictures i found milla jovovich portrait that drawn so perfect with pencil, then i bought a sketch book, but it was left untouched until six months may be more later (february 2013), i bought another sketchbook, because i couldn't find the first one =p , and i was searching for Megan Fox face, and i finnaly drew her!!! yayyyy!!
i really need loooooong time to draw, about 6-10 hours for one portrait in a A4 paper (yes i'm that slow)
so, just wait for my new portraits of whoever i want to draw =)
and thank you for your kind comment
you are awsome!!


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