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  I never used to draw that often in my younger years unless it was for school work. My teachers and my family would encourage me to draw more often but i never felt inspired to do so. When i was 12/13 years old, i had a fantastic art teacher who helped me so much with my artwork and i think she was the one who made me see how rewarding art can be. After that i kept drawing things that interested me in my spare time. Drawing so often has made me better at it, my recent work looks far better than my older stuff. I decided not to pursue further education in art when i left school because it seems nowadays, only modern artists get famous. Personally, and no disrespect intended mind you, i don't believe modern art should be considered as art. I can't stand it, and i hated being forced to do my own modern art at school, so i decided to avoid the art world because modern art is the only thing wanted nowadays. Instead, i got a degree in film at university, drawing in my spare time as my favourite hobby. Its the best way really - i can draw what i want and whenever i want. I do some odd commissions here and there for friends and family, but most of the time i just draw for the sake of it and for improving my skills. After all, practice makes perfect doesn't it?

I guess my artwork is focused around actors and films, as i use my skills as a tribute towards the subject of what i'm drawing. I'll see an expression or scene from a film that will just hit me, either for its emotional value or simple aesthetic value. Either way, films inspire me and keep me drawing  

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