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Artiste de la semaine - 16 au 22 janv. 2011  

Pologne Pologne
Inscrit depuis le 20 juil. 2008

  Hi everyone ! :hi:

My experience with art is quite long, I've always loved to do this, however making portraits seemed too hard for me. I simply did not believe in myself. Eventually, I have tried it and then I realized that this is what I want to improve. I have made a drawing of Avril Lavigne, and I thought it would be really fantastic if I take it seriously and practise.
Nowadays I have no doubt that achieving such a big satisfaction from this hobby is worth my effort. I keep on practising as much as possible.

Every opinion or criticism will be appreciated. I care about the others' honest opinions.

Greetings for all of you, amazingly talented and great artists.
Madie :blowkiss:  

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