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Artiste de la semaine - 18 au 24 mars 2012  

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  I like to draw, and I have devoted much effort to become a better artist. I know that you have your own goals and work to accomplish, and I'll be watching others as well. So, please don't feel that I am asking for devotion. If I don't respond as , much as you like, I am probably trying to reply to others' messages to me. Please, be patient. There are many times that I won't respond right away, but I will attempt to, and eventually do so. Thanks for all and any support you have time to give.
I am also known as Cezleo (, Cezanne(, Carliss Mora (( and Carnyvor (Redbubble).

P.S. I really do try to reply to all, but it is quite a feat. Especially since I want to look at other artists who comment to me. Please, be patient. I'll be there.


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