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 Homme (56 ans)
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
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Inscrit depuis le 5 août 2011

  I do varied work not just portraits .. Caricatures , Animals & other subjects,, but my main ambition is to be a propper portrait artist ..
My work is improving all the time and I always try to put something of myself in everything I do ..
'I am always trying to achieve perfection in my art, but I never want to be perfect'

i'm currently working on a tribute to Dr Who's 50th Anniversary some portraits will be posted here.
i've also been doing other projects which I can't post here as they aren't celebrity work..
Feel free to e-mail me about anything. i'm always happy to talk to fellow artists...
Prints for some of my work are available on fineart America
and Artflakes..  

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