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Artiste de la semaine - 4 au 10 nov. 2012  

 Femme (23 ans)
Suède Suède
Dernière connexion il y a 4 semaines
Inscrit depuis le 23 juil. 2008

  Hi! Welcome to my gallery!:hi:
My name is Sigrid, I'm from Sweden and paint when I have time.. Tell me your opinions on my paintings, or just have a look around! About my name TokioHotel_sigrid, I'm really not into Tokio Hotel that much anymore, but I don't feel like making a new profile and upload everything again and so on. What music I listen to is shifting a lot, I enjoy listening to most things but Bobby McFerrin, Lovisa Negga, Camille and Freddie Wadling means a lot to me right now.
Here is a "swedish-lesson" learning how to say:

Hello my name is .... - Hej, jag heter .... (Hey, yaug heater.. (the ea in heater sounds like the ea in "clear";)

How are you? - Hur mår du? (Hour more do? (the "ou" in "hour" sounds like "ou" in "you"

Well done! - Bra gjort! ( bra yurt! (say "yurt" very quickly and try to not say a long "uu";)

Hope it was not too difficult for you :D:blowkiss::sweat:  

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