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Artiste de la semaine - 17 au 23 mai 2015  

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Inscrit depuis le 10 mai 2015

  Who's gonna draw the old-time movie stars when I'm not around ?
Who's gonna paint the silent comedians from the time when there was no sound ?

Who's gonna draw Chaplin and Keaton the way that I do now ?
Who's gonna paint Laurel and Hardy after my last bow ?

Will folks remember Cagney and Bogart ? Yes, I hope they will !
But who will paint their tough-guy features when my brush is finally still ?

Who's gonna paint Chaney, Lugosi and Boris Karloff too ?
Who's gonna paint the black and white movie stars when my time is through ?

You know I've painted John Wayne and Sinatra, done a million Marilyn Monroes,
So I kinda think like I have every single right to know...

Who's gonna keep this theme goin' , who will carry on ?
Who's gonna portray the old-time movie stars after I am gone ?  

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