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 Homme (43 ans)
Belgique Belgique
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  hello, ...
(sorry for my small gallery, i stopped drawing portraits for more than 10 years, i just started back after all those long years )

drawing portraits is a real passion for me, i see art like a dance between emotions and expressions.
i like using many tools for drawing, but my favorite is chalk !!!

"do not be arrogant, do not be jealous, do not see other artist like concurrents,
but view them as an inspiration, do not try do be the best, try to be unique, do not hate, but love !"

( feel free to make a question or comment at any time,) ...thanks !

new info - i am recovering slowly from illness, so drawing goes also slowly, but i am working to finish a few more portraits that i want be done by the end of this year ...


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