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Artiste de la semaine - 16 au 22 févr. 2020  

 Femme (27 ans)
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
Dernière connexion il y a 1 an
Inscrit depuis le 7 sept. 2009

  Hello random person:) I'm Sarah, Viahh, or anything amusing you can think of. You can see me in that photo up there ^^^ in my natural habitat at an Apocalyptica show, hugging Mr. Toppinen.

I am just some pleb from England (vaikka mä puhun suomeakin. En oo suomalainen mut.... no, on pitkä tarina XD). I love to hear all languages though so please feel free to comment in any language, maybe teach me a thing or two :)
I am here because occasionally I create portraits of people I look up to. I also make a lot of art that doesn't involve portraits though (fantasy and animals mostly), so please come visit me on my other sites, thank you <3


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