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  Hello I am the one and only Yamina! I am particularly young as you can see from my screen name. So young in fact it's hard to imagine that I can draw like this XD.Yes well I just turned thirteen on May 19th and I have a talent for art and I just can't get rid of it,not as a complaint though! It is naturally in me which I think is funny because of what people think of my art at school. I could never draw anime even though I wish too. I'm more of a realistic drawer mostly because it's in my blood and because of my mom who taught me more of proportions for a realistic face or body. I have drawn other pictures but I haven't scanned them into my computer yet but when i do I'll b e sure to put it up! Well i think you are a bit curious about the whole "art is in my blood" thing. My mother is an artist and my uncle is an architect along with my grandfather who sadly passed away when I was a baby. Not sure about any artistic side on my father but that's all I know form my mother. Anyways I hope to bring up some art soon! Catch ya later!  

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