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  I grew up in Montreal my WHLOE life; I never want to leave this country EVER, because... if I left this country and headed off 2 the US... I'll feel kind of weird (like an alien) and I wouldn't fit in. It'll be abnormal 4 me, and that's why I want to still be Canadian. (no matter what!) I lvu :R&B, Rock, Alternatif, Jazz, Pop, Goth, Blues, Adult Contentuary, Gospel, Intermential, Top 20 and 30, and Country music. (I don't like Rap or Heavy Metal...somtimes Techno.)
I'm favorrite shows r: Benny Hinn, The Message, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Much Takeover, Videoflow, Good Morning America, CTV News, and According to Jim. I love listening 2: Hilary Duff, Evanseence, Gwen Stefani, Billy Talent, 3 Days Grace, Joss Stone, Kelly Clarkson (I don't like their new looks, style, or albums though), Geogre, Christina Auguliara, Beyoncé, (some) Rihanna, (some) AlixusonFire, and old singers dead or alive who're r middle age now [like Madonna]. I'll be going to Daswon after High School.  

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