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  Hi, I began drawing portraits in 1979 when I was a Junior in High School, and have continued to this day. I tend to prefer working with standard pencils, 6H through 6B, and have attempted a few portraits with acrylic and oil paint. Overall, I like using pencil instead of paint because of the clean up time and all of the materials needed, particularly for oil painting.
I took an oil painting class in college, and noticed the oil paint which remained under my fingernails, even after several attempts to completely clean my hands, was getting on my pencil drawings and damaging them. During 1982, I decided to abandon oil painting, mostly because of the time it takes for oil paint to dry, but continued with acrylics, which are easier to work with.
I also noticed using pencil is probably the least expensive way to create artwork, as very few materials are needed. The most expensive material I use to draw is chamois cloth for the blending. During the last 43 years I have enjoyed drawing portraits of actresses, and hope to continue drawing at least 12 more years, but I am getting old.  

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